Friday, October 26, 2012

:: Using What You Have: Recycle W-Chalk Board Paint ::

So the other day I was waiting on my paint to dry in the 'DEN'- so I could give it another coat. 
I had spotted this can of spray paint ... (actually it was in my plastic paint drawer and I found it when I was looking for a paint key...but let's not split hairs about it) 

As I was walking past the fridge... I noticed I have an abundance of advertising magnets. 

You know the advertising magnets you get on the front of the phone book or as business cards for things you really don't need. 

Or say... you switch propane companies and don't need the old one...or whatever! 

...and I thought to myself. 
Hey! I should paint those Ugly MAGNETS.

What would you USE THEM FOR? you say. 

Leave a funky greeting on the stove pipe....NEVER EVER STICK A MAGNET ON A HOT STOVE PIPE! 

You can use it on a metal door... 

To remind people to turn off the outside lights... 

Let people know the dishes in the dishwasher are "clean"or " DIRTY" . 
(...or, in my case,  just label the appliances that need a good wiping down) 

You can frame an old photo of your children...
for black mail purposes, of course! 

I think these could be included in a housewarming present, or for someone with children and tons of 'artwork' for the fridge. They can be used on lunch they still EVEN make metal lunch boxes? a school locker! 
...OR file drawers... 
label your can drinks at a party... (uh, magnets don't stick to aluminum) 
or on the backs of metal chairs for seating arrangement...or under the chair for door prizes! 
Tons of uses... 

Either way... 

What would you use recycled chalkboard magnets for, hmmm? 

I thought I'd use one on my coffee pot that said 'READY' know, because lifting the little lid to see if the coffee has been set up for the so hard! 
However, it would eliminate the urge to keep checking 5 or 8 times before heading off to bed. 
...I'm just saying.  

Oh give thanks to LORD for He is good; His loving kindness is everlasting. 
~Psalm 107:1


  1. Brilliant! I hate all those magnets junking up the place because the colors are always all over the place. This would be better than throwing the magnets in the kitchen drawer and cluttering it up. I hate to just throw them out. Good thinking!

  2. I use mine for the backs of other handmade magnets. That's an excellent idea.

  3. Great idea! Speaking of hot stovepipes, years ago I put a cute magnet on the side of my microwave. Good thing I liked it because I could never get it off! Kind of fused to it!

  4. Brilliant! I have several I can do the same thing with...what a great idea.

  5. Great ideas Pat! I love chalkboard paint. Yours turned out great!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Such a great idea, Pat! So many ways you could use these!

  7. Finally!! A use for those advertising magnets! Great idea Pat!!!

  8. Clever idea! I have some that would be great for this.

  9. I love this idea...good job! :)

  10. fun project! I save those magnets...just came across a bunch of them yesterday...great idea to spray them with chalkboard paint girl!



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