Monday, November 26, 2012

:: Using What you Have- Mud Room Shelf ::

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FJI-SNS #173
FJI Rustic Shelves 

Last Week I showed you a couple of pictures of The Nameless Room-- 

It has so many different uses-- I think I like MUD ROOM best. 

 Right now...I'm focusing on the LAUNDRY SIDE OF THE ROOM. 
I tend to work backwards. As I've been doing some tweaking...I'm thinking the entire room needs a fresh coat of paint. 
As it is November... I think I'll wait a while unless, I happen across a great price on some WHITE PAINT. I think white will calm everything down in here nicely. 

Anyway-- I wanted to show you how I made the shelf that now sits right across the back of my dryer. 

That is a picture of two metal drawers from a beaten up old tool box. They were in the shed-- someone tossed them out to go into the junk pile. I saved them. 

THEN ... I WENT TO Elsie Mae on Market, in downtown Mabank,TX
... for some awesome inspiration! 

After that... I drew
 This pattern for a gusset or corbel... on some wood. I traced an odd shelf I had on hand and this is pretty much the jist of how I work.

I used a power tool!  I like that name POWER TOOL...  it sounds like you could do ANYTHING! A jig saw-- for the technically accurate. 

 I originally cut 4 corbels out...yes, now I have an extra pair... he he he... 
I screwed two boards together and cut them at the same time; after clamping them to the work table of course. 

I then removed the screw and sanded down the rough edges... 

This part isn't exactly pretty...  AND yes! I really am showing you this! 

You have to squint really hard...'cause I didn't take pictures of this part.  I mounted a scrap piece of board (skid wood) to the backs of the corbels; and between them (under the drawers) I put a piece of wood (also skid wood) lengthwise too. 

So there you have it... my tweak of the week. Rusty-Vintage-Repurposed-Shabby-Turquoise-Red- Laundry Side- of- the -Mud Room- Shelf! 
...AND newly added metal basket for my homemade soap ingredients! I paid a dollar for that metal basket. Not bad and it keeps everything together.

Oh...and a clever little Chalk Board Ad Magnet Note to self to set the Temperature on the Washer to "cold"...when I wash.

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Then he said to them, "Go,eat of the fat, drink of the sweet and send portions to those who have nothing prepared; for this day is holy to our LORD. Do not be grieved; for the joy of the LORD is your strength. " 
~Nehemiah 8:10


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

How fun! And I never thought of making my own corbels like that...great idea!

The Boston Lady said...

Pat, you did a great job! I love how you tweaked those drawers! Have you thought of putting some of your clever creations in that shop that you visited for inspiration (if they rent space). You could be their inspiration! Ann

Kristina said...

It looks great.

Granny said...

Making your own corbels is such a great idea. They're expensive when you can find them. Your use of the metal drawers is great. You could stick a magnet to the drawer itself if needed. Thanks for all the great tips.

Cindy said...

I like your corbels! You are so smart. You little shelf is really nice.
I have a question for you, do you ship to Canada from your Etsy shop? If so, i am wanting a bundle of those old clothes pins. Let me know!
Hugs, Cindy

Unknown said...

Who Whoo!!! Love this Pat... you go farmgirl!!!! That blue is purty too!
Next time, I'm making my own!!!

Revi said...

Nice job on the shelf! Now I'm wondering about the mint oil - what you use it for and where you get it...

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That turned out great! I wish I could use power tools like that!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

how clever patricia! I love using what I have! pretty color. I have one of those nameless rooms too. We call it the "blue" room, because it use to be painted blue. lol now it's white. It's the room behind my barn doors off my kitchen. :)

have a great week!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Pat!
I salute you for getting out those power tools and creating away! Your shelf is great and so necessary in a laundry room. I have those new white wire ones in my modern laundry room and I hate them. They're anything but cottage style! Maybe one of these days I'll get up my courage and tackle some pretty new shelving.
Blessings and thanks so much for your expressions of faith on your blog.
Carolynn xxx

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

That is a great idea to make your own corbels - never thought of that!!