Saturday, February 9, 2013

::Etsy-Sold,Sales and Search Ads::

You remember this? 
the Orange Bates beadspread? 

I sold it!!! 
Mid Century Bohemian Orange Jacquard  Damask Bedspread with Fringe
I've had several of you write and ask how my etsy shop is going. So today, I thought I'd show you just some of the items I've had in my shop that have sold, since opening in September. 

I sold a couple of bundles of wooden clothes pegs...

RESERVED FOR CINDY S. - Wooden Vintage Laundry Pegs

I gave it the Ol' College try and well... 
I sold this really cool Tin. 
First thing I sold! 

Vintage Tin Can w/ LID University of illinois-  Sports Memorabilia
It was listed as Sports Memorabilia ...but I liked the industrial feel of it. 
Including this cool shoe stretcher 
GE Belcher  STOUGHTON Wooden Shoe Stretcher Industrial Form

I've also sold some SUPPLIES. Not much...but something. 
I'm surprised when something like this sells. 
But, there are some Crafters out there that are so talented and they use these things to make something wonderful. 

The curtain rings I sold the same day as the a friend of mine who knew my shop was open. She wanted them to use in her Puppet Studio where she builds puppets!  
She put them on a curtain rod...and she clips the puppets up that she is working on; out of the way of production! 

The leather loops and things... I sold to a customer--that makes earrings. I'm not sure, but I would imagine she will use these items to make some FUNKY-CHIC JEWELRY. 
I don't know... 

The last thing are the wooden light switch covers... 
I've seen these with paint, art work and altered. 
I'm sure they'll be fabulous whatever the buyer will use them for. 

Couple of things I've learned since opening the shop. 

  •  Proof read. 
  •  Edit.
  •  Proof read again. 
  • Shipping and Handling is justifiable--
  • Edit and Adjust postage after an increase.
    • (and now they are doing away with Saturday Mail?)
  • Advertise! 
    • Which is what I'm doing here. :) 
I just found these cool banners on Etsy tonight while working; seriously, I've never seen these before.

Maybe I just don't pay attention; most of you that have an Etsy shop listed on your blog...I've not seen you with these.  I put one at the bottom of my home is the long horizontal one. There are several to choose from. 

Here is how to find them- 
  • Open your etsy/ login
  • Click on "your shop" in the upper right corner
  • In the drop down CLICK: Search Ads
  • On the LEFT Side bar under PROMOTE CLICK:  Off-site 
  • It will open up to the button ...choose the one you want,click 'generate code' 
  • Then copy the code and put it where you want it! 
Lastly, I just added some vintage sheets to the shop tonight-- right now I have 3 listed. I hope to get the others photographed this weekend and listed along with lots of other items too. 
Pequot TWIN FLAT Sheet White with Daisy Motif and small yellow flowers
You can see the sheets Here  

Alright! That ended up being longer than I planned. But in a nut shell-- that's how it's going. I'm selling-- I'm still learning. I still haven't found a niche (you know that one item that is going to put me in a new tax bracket?)-- right now, the vintage items are what seems to work well in my shop. Oh, I did sell some shower scrubbies to a couple of people last week and one was  a special order!  

I don't have all the answers, but if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas...leave them in the comments. Let's talk about is it going with you? 
Have you learned from the experience? 
Like it or Not? 

A Psalm of David. Bless the LORD, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name. 
~ Psalm 103:1 



Sandy said...

I'm so happy your shop is doing well..
and thanks for all the info on getting
one opened, I'll have to read up!

My Repurposed Life said...

Yay for sales Patricia! I have advertised ON Etsy, but have not seen the code (buttons) for off site--thanks!
I have found my niche (I call it my cash cow) the wedding signs. Sold a LOT in January to those who actually plan their weddings. This month, very slow, I think only 1 order. I know I'll be busy in the spring with those who wait till the last minute to even start shopping, but that's okay because I always ship within 24-36 hours.
shipping? I usually do priority because I like not having to hunt for a box. Honestly, that is what held me back and kept me from opening a shop...always looking for boxes. However when I get an order to Colorado, or California, I can't do priority because it's not covered in the shipping I charge.
so, long story short, sometimes I make money on shipping and sometimes I lose money. I feel bad to charge 9.50 and ship something to TN that only costs 7.05. But until Etsy will allow people to input their zip code for shipping charges, it has to be.
Love Etsy!
Happy Weekend girl!

Kristina said...

I'm glad your store is doing well. For now, I have no plans to open one on Etsy. I may stick with the local Farmer's Market next summer again. Hubby is talking about building a "store" in the next barn we build. At this point, it's just in our thoughts.

camp and cottage living said...

I can easily see why your bedspread sold -it was gorgeous!
good luck with your shop.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sounds like you are having fun, Pat! Etsy is a great community! For some reason January and February are my busiest months on there!

Angel said...

I think you should put the etsy bar at the top of your page. It will be sure to be seen there.

Great job on sales!

The Boston Lady said...

Pat, it sounds like your shop is doing quite well. It's a learning curve and you are always tweaking which is good. Ann

The Boston Lady said...

And now for some business.... I've been meaning to click on your shop. I would like to buy 5 of your bath scrubbies - you only have one. Will you be making more and can I just wait and get them all at once? Ann

Curtains in My Tree said...

I am surprised some things sell and some don't . It's always a mystery

I have enjoyed seeing what your selling

It's all about having fun ?

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I am glad you are doing well...You just never know what the hot item is..Just keep on listing!


Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

So glad to hear about your shop and your sales. [Happy dance!] I haven't gotten past getting my shop set up. Figuring out the shipping has held me back. Just haven't had time to figure it all out with other things going on, but my stash of goodies is growing and I need to get busy so I can get some of the things into the hands of someone who would like to have them. Thanks for your tips and thoughts on the process, and for the button link. I'll be needing that one of these days. :)

~Carla~ said...

Love that bedspread!! It's beautiful! You did well this week! :) Glad I found your blog we seem to have lots in common!

Liz said...

That bedspread is awesome! I haven't checked out to many etsy shops. I guess I better start looking. Seems to me I am missing out on a lot of goodies! Glad to read the sales are picking up!

nannykim said...

Another way to advertise is on pinterest. I have found stuff that others have pinned from Etsy and purchased stuff --I did this for a valentine gift for my daughter. HEY, how do you pronounce ETSY??

nannykim said...

Hey, I never thought about it , but most vintage sheets would be double or twin since in the old days they didn't have queen or kings. So I am wondering if the doubles fit on a queen---I would think not. I wonder how they compare in size. I have used a double quilt on my queen, but those don't tuck in--I just use it as a topper.