Wednesday, February 6, 2013

::Frugal Fodder ~13~ NO Spend February

February 1st was the start of our first NO SPEND month. I outlined here what it means for us, in our home.

I'm going to enlist the UP-DOWN method---to keep you informed.

UP:   It's just The Honey and Myself. 

DOWN: You would think this would make it easier; 2 adults NOT spending money.  hmph!  

UP: We're both more conscientious of our MONEY!

  • On the savings side--- I mentioned here about saving our $5 bills and putting money back for propane... 
    • My goal for propane was $40 a month. √ check
    • My goal for Savings-- was ALL $5 BILLS.  big fat ZERO!  (that is one of the things we're more conscientious of-- We both noticed that we've only gotten 3 of them and we've not made it home with ANY!)  

DOWN: Eating out is not only a drain on our budget; I'll be honest I like a Chinese buffet on occasion. Also  it's A TEMPTATION when you're out driving!  

UP: We are not out driving as much.

DOWN: Cheapest LOCAL Gas prices  --a farce! (unless you've been under a rock then you know... there are no CHEAP gas prices) 

UP:  We're six days into the month so far and we've NOT spent any money!
I'm a little bit surprised--because if we have money we spend it.  Don't we all? 

UP: I shopped the sales in January on the weeks of the 16th and 31st ; to restock the pantry.


UP:  I left it open for NECESSARY SPENDING  in the Gas and Food category - COFFEE IS NECESSARY,right? 

DOWN: ALL A.T.M.'s are OUT--- so that would mean an extra trip to the bank for cash. It' out of the way. 

UP: I'll be getting cash at the end of the week and I can buy coffee then!

UP:  There are only 21 and HALF DAYS of February Left!

I love ending on an UP!

Perhaps you're having a NO SPEND MONTH, or you've had one in the past... leave us a link in the comments below--So we can all read about your success or your fail...OR we can cheer you onward in your quest to NOT SPEND! ;) 



Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ has also forgiven you. ~Ephesians 4:32 



The Boston Lady said...

I'm catching up Pat! Coffee is a necessity! Although I can live without it, but Mr. T cannot - he thinks. The gas prices are driving me crazy! I've been cutting down on driving because of them. Eating out IS a budget buster and we are guilty. I need to go back and see your previous posts. Ann

Sandy said...

Coffee is my main drink each day. Really!
I do manage to get water into me and drink
nothing that good or bad? (I hate
sodas and juices but do eat fruit)
You will be proud of me,, my no spending
is holding steady for the month of February
and I plan on doing it!! (?)
Good luck to all who are in the challenge.

Sheila said...

I could never survive a no spend month. I like a chinese buffet every now and then too!

Patty Sumner said...

It sounds as if you are doing well. I have to have my coffee...that sounds that is just something I enjoy in the morning...I am definitely trying save and spend less...we are preparing a move soo that means selling this house and buying another...I usually cook...I have determined many times with just the two of us, it is cheaper to eat some fast foods...just not as appetizing..Prayers for your challenge and blessings!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Coffee is a necessity. Made at home, of course. I have a pumpkin latte recipe I make for my daughter from time to time, easy and fun, in my opinion!
Always enjoy your frugal fodder posts!
Personally, even if I didn't have to budget, I'd still do it. It's so rewarding to fit things into a budget, and is a great way to help organize your life, and streamline it too.

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

I would have had to call a friend for coffee.... You are super positive about the UP being 21 more days. Good girl!

Pat Harris said...

Stay strong Pat. I spend very little during the month. I'm on SS and it's become a game to see how much I can have at the end of the month. said...

Do you have any tea?I really enjoy my morning coffee, but have substituted tea when needed. How encouraging to see you taking on this challenge! Gas prices can be discouraging and our gas budget is high as my husband works over 30 miles from our home and our married children each live about 50 minutes from our house. We have purposed to look at some of our gas expenditures as investments in the lives of our children and grandchildren. It helps the pain of the cost a bit.

tammielee said...

Good for you, but... this is the reason I have a fully stocked pantry! If I didn't grocery shop for quite awhile it would be no big deal.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Yes I think to survive frugality you have to have some small pleasures and coffee is on around here too. Just spent $81 to fill my mini van today. Ouch!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I agree-- a fully stocked pantry is key. We are all on different steps of the path aren't we? I think groceries are really the least of my focus...:) after all, I FORGOT COFFEE when restocking!
For me, so far, seeing the holes in my purse and taking necessary measures to 'fix what's broken' has been very eye opening!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh yes... I love tea. Especially Iced Tea. Even on cold chilly nights, I like iced tea with my supper. In the summer time--I start drinking it early in the day. We drink less coffee in the summer. Like you... I look at gasoline as a tool (well, you said investment) but, we aren't the type to put gas in our cars and just go tooling around town. We buy gas purposefully, for sure!
...and it does soften the blow a little bit, knowing that the cost is necessary.

Revi said...

Kudos! Keep up the good work. I'd like to try something like this, too.