Sunday, February 3, 2013

::My Kitchen Dining Shelf ::

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One of my favorite things lately has been to fidget with the shelf in the dining part of my kitchen. 

I showed you my  clock make over. I had fun with that. I put it on the shelf 

...with my St.Valentine's decorations. 

I put some of my old dishes back on the shelf. These originally had belonged to my Great Grandmother on my Dad's side... they were handed down I guess you'd say. Now I have them. They look sort of pink here...but they are actually red. 

The crocheted doily is one I picked up at Bargain Land quite a while ago. 
I had intended to resell it ...however, one of my LITTLES (Bree) decided it made a wonderful princess when it's not on the shelf; she is usually wearing it on her head! 

I also was playing around with book pages the other day; and I made this little banner for the shelf too. 
I had bought the glitter in January for the grandson's birthday piñata. I didn't use it and was going to take it back along with some other things I had no use for...but decided to keep it. It wasn't long and this little project POPPED into my head! 
I like using what I have to create something fresh and new!  
It's a cheerful spot in my kitchen...

I've posted twice today--- so don't forget to check the previous post to see the winner for the HOMEMADE SOAP SUDS and Shower Scrubbie give away! 

So teach us to number our days. That we may present to you a heart of wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12 


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I love banners and yours is a cute one! Love the clock makeover too!

Anonymous said...

I first thought those were cute pink dishes too....then as a read your post....they're "Red"...even better and from Great Grandma!! Priceless!'re a curbside shopper....didn't know this about you and you have an etsy cool....I haven't tried this my booth Shelbyville's Bargain Depot a try and still going to flea markets and festivals....those seem to work well for us....we enjoy meeting folks ...and enjoying the music, food and tons of fun on nice days....most of the stuff I post on my blog are also on my Mel's Designs 'n Harmony page on FB....I'm sure you've figured this out by've made some larger banners for "Mel's Designs" in our booth and other things....I live your "Heart Banner"....I've hung a sign on our front split rail's finally worn yesterday I made another one...this is another way to bring in funds for my other sewing projects....enjoyed your blog today! Mel

Claudia said...

I'm falling in love with your banner! Simple and perfect.

I love that one of your babies wears the doily on her head! That's something I would have done. That makes me smile on a Sunday morning.

Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

Your banner is darling and I really like the idea of how you incorporated dishes from your great grandmother! Perfect for Valentines Day Love!

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

How wonderful that you have your great-grandmother's dishes! Little kids seem to make hats and crowns out of the craziest things -- so cute that yours is using that pretty doily!

Diane said...

Love those dishes! Must be pretty old too. Very nice display!

Patty Sumner said...

I love the dishes... would love to see a close up of the design... could you do that and post... I have never seen that pattern. YOu home is just lovely and your shelf looks great!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

So cute and festive! I love what you've done with it :)

Cindy said...

Your banner is very sweet and the beautiful dishes are wonderful there. Hugs!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

How wonderful to have your great-grandmother's dishes, Pat! They are beautiful in your display!

Liz said...

I really like the crocheted doily. Its looks great in your display! What a treasure to have those dishes! I agree with some others, they deserve a close-up!

My Repurposed Life said...

love your Valentine's decor! :) love the dishes, how sweet they are still in the family.