Thursday, March 14, 2013

::Color and a Flurry of Activity in the Country::

In case you're thinking all I ever do is cook, clean, babysit, and budget our finances... think again. 
This week I took the time to stop and smell the flowers... 

Pretty Purple Iris... 

Pretty Purple... flowering- vine-thing with pretty bench and lovely patina! ;)

I took time to snap some pictures of the furry critters that live here with us; 

...and obviously 'IN' the chicken coop!

eating the corn feed! 

'Squirrel Nutkin'

Trying frantically to find the door! 

Fussing at me for interrupting his stolen meal. 


 Added baby chicks to the flock... 
yes, I know the paper is wet and messy in this photo---

I have almost given up on keeping this box tidy, between not being able to find the proper waterer, keeping the Littles away from the box; I don't know who spills the feed and water more?!
These little chicks are staying under a heat lamp right now...until big enough to stay outside. 

I bought these vintage aprons last week... aren't they pretty hanging on the fence? 
I think they would look pretty strung together and hanging on the porch, in the way of curtains...blowing in the wind and providing a touch a whimsy as the shadows play out on the porch floor. 

About a month back a good friend called me and told me a neighbor down her country road was pulling this yard-gym out to the curb...and "I better hurry if I wanted it for the Littles", she said.  
--because it would be gone quickly. don't have to tell me twice. The guy was still putting the sign on it and helped load it in the truck! 
The Honey found this old enamel ware tub in the barn and brought it up for me! 
(He speaks my love language) 
Wouldn't it make a cute Fairy Garden?
It already has good drainage holes. 

... and Finally, we got the fence put up around the garden a couple of weeks ago; but the sides are pretty flimsy... 
So the other day I picked up these branches, they used to be IN this garden for framing in certain smaller beds... I just propped them up temporarily on the inside and outside of the fence. 

I've since planted grape vine to the right of this fenced area... so sturdier posts are going to be necessary; but this should be fine for now. 
I like the rustic-ness of it... with our big gnarly Bois D'arc tree in the background. 

All of this activity is shouting Spring to me! I love this time of year, in fact, I think it is my favorite. 
How about you... are you experiencing signs of Spring where you are? 
Are you able to stop and enjoy the newness of the season and beauty of life all around? 


Therefore be careful how you walk not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time for the days are evil. ~Ephesians 5:15-16~



Art and Sand said...

That green tub is amazing.

daisy g said...

Oh, those aprons are fantastic! Love seeing life around your homestead!

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

Your country life looks so fun. I love the real bunny! We used to get bunnies in CT - and wild turkeys. I miss that. Now we just have a bunch of 'people' and domestic pets around in our tight neighborhood. Oh, and Target, Costco, Dillards, Nordstrom, Hobby Lobby....perks and not! :)

Taylor-Made Homestead said...

My Iris' are not yet blooming. I pulled bulbs from my beloved grandmother's home before she passed and their blooms always make me smile and think of her. Can't wait for them to bloom! Thanks for sharing this post. (visiting from Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop)

~Taylor-Made Ranch~
Wolfe City, Texas

Cindy said...

It's nice to hear and see how you have spent your time. I am trying hard to enjoy and just live. Some days are harder than others, though. I loved seeing all your photos and cudos to you for getting that play structure for your littles.
In answer to your question on my last post, yes, that is the same room in all three photos. The first one is way before we added all of the built in cupboards that are there now.
Thanks for always coming by and for being a friend.
Love and hugs to you my friend. Cindy

The Boston Lady said...

I love those little chicks and also the idea of using those aprons for curtains! The smell of blooming flowers is everywhere in our backyard - not sure where its coming from exactly, but I suspect the citrus trees. What a great find with the play set. Such fun your littles have when they come to your house. Do they call you Grandma or do you have another name? Ann

Kristina said...

It looks like spring starts earlier for you than us. Love the flowers!

My Repurposed Life said...

great pics Patricia! I love seeing your critters and flowers. :)
Spring is my favorite time of year...So far, all we have are daffodils. My crocus are up, but not blooming yet.
It was sunny and 64 today, so I spent the afternoon outside sawing some fence boards for my etsy signs. LOVED being outside.

have a great weekend!
gail said...

My grandmother's heart says, "Wow!" to your yard-gym. What a great find! I have seen a few bluebonnets where I live and temperatures are rising into the 80's. I hope we get a taste of Spring before Summer hits hard.

Revi said...

Purple Irises are my favorite flowers. :) But I don't HAVE any. I need to get some. They grow wild nearby...