Sunday, March 17, 2013

::Using What You Have ::

This weekend I helped my daughter with a yard sale. 
She decided at the last minute on Thursday, to use what was left of her Spring Break to make some cash and get RID of whatever didn't sell. 
I also went for groceries today and then we went to visit my other daughter at her house for a couple of hours. Just to get out of the house for a bit. 
All this along with other things we did around our place this weekend... the usual 'SPRING TIME' activities... tending chickens, the garden, laundry (taking advantage of good weather days), etc. 

So, I didn't have much time on the computer...I visited a few blogs and didn't write much myself. 

But I did this little project earlier in the week...I thought I'd show it to you. It was very simple...and inexpensive! 
I'm working on making a 'newish' office place. 
Something cute...and functional and of course, I'm using what I have on hand, to keep cost down. 

I used an old frame that I had and some jute string...I'd rather have chicken wire, but all our chicken wire gets used for ...well, chickens! :) 
Anyway, I started out putting a knot in the string, stapled it and stretched it across the opening of this frame on the back side, PUT ANOTHER KNOT ...STAPLED IT... 

 Then I flipped it over--- this frame already had a dry brushed coat of old white paint (not the color...'old white'; but the AGE!)
 I free handed this strip of green around the edge. I just slapped it on without using tape or CAUTION!  Who has time for that? 

Then I hung it up on the wall and admired it's nakedness... 
now, I have some little tiny clothes pins...SOME. where..... 
Just as soon as I find those, this thing will be covered up and functioning at it's full capacity! 
But in the mean time... I'm liking it! 

I love using what I have and making a project come together. I've almost got one side of my WONDER-ROOM done. You can see some of my inspiration for this room here on my Pinterest board titled... ::Wonder-Room::  from color, curtains and organization...there are lots of cool ideas. Check 'em out! 

If you're wondering why I call it my 'wonder room'... it's cause I wonder what it's going to be (it started out to be a den)  in the end... and I wonder when I'll be finished with it.  
Who knows!?! 

Therefore be careful how you live not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time for the days are evil. ~ Ephesians 5:15-16~


Art and Sand said...

I laughed when I read the part, I have some small clothes pins - somewhere. I have lots of things, I just don't know where everything is. I am down to 80 days before retirement. I keep telling myself than soon I will be able to be totally organized.

Your project turned out cute.

Clint Baker said...

My wife pulls frames out of the trash all the time, a great Idea for one!

Diane said...

Like the frame idea!

Kristina said...

Frames can make wonderful items indeed. said...

Oh, I have been wanting to make something to hold my grandchildren pictures. Such a great idea!

My Repurposed Life said...

great project Patricia! I love using what I have too!
wonder-room? I have one of those, I call it the blue room, but it's really a non-purpose room, where the cats hang out. It's basically a glorified hallway... very long and narrow with a basement door, a bathroom door, a back door, a closet door, a garage door, a door to a porch (my craft storage area) and last but not least, my barn doors. THAT my dear is a LOT of doors for one room.
I look forward to seeing what your room becomes! :)

Holly @ Down to Earth Style said...

Great idea with the frame! said...

Nothing better than upcycling! And I'm obsessed with old, pretty frames:)

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

The wonder room is a great idea. I'm with you, seeing what you can come up with, with what's on hand is pretty cool. Love what you made!