Wednesday, June 26, 2013

:: Frugal Fodder 23-- PAWN SHOPPING TIPS ::

This is my new camera.  I like it! I've had to download the manual for it...and I know nothing about using this type of camera.
All I know is...I can take WAY better pictures now!!! :) 

These pictures are some that my brother took with his phone, on Saturday in the ER...I swiped them from our Google + account...

T.H. bought it at the same pawn shop we bought my first camera; that I used for blogging all these years. 
I think we got a fair price for it. 
First, he bought a digital video camera, it was missing a cable and in the end it wasn't compatible with WINDOWS 7 ... long story short, I went back and traded for this one. :) 

We don't ever PAWN anything. (We did when we were younger, but learned our lesson about that) but we do like to stop in occasionally and look around. Sometimes, there are good deals to be had on tools, lawn and garden equipment , sports equipment, bikes, music instruments and electronics, just to name a few things. :)  

Here are some things you need to know. 
  • What is their RETURN POLICY? 
    • Can you RETURN an item if it doesn't work properly? 
    • Do they give you store credit for unsatisfactory purchases? 
    • Do they give Cash back? 
    • Or will they REFUND at all? (for instance, refund to your credit card)
  • How long do you have to rectify this transaction? 
  • Be knowledgeable about your product. (condition, availability, value, etc.)
    • Ask about attachments, parts, remotes, drivers (electronics) or carrying cases? (see above) 
  • SHOP AROUND at different pawn shops.
  • LOOK FOR AND ASK FOR  better pricing. 
  • BOTTOM LINE-- Be willing to NEGOTIATE.  

That is why I had to trade... The sales clerk didn't make their policy clear to The Honey when he purchased the video camera.  Fortunately, they had this camera when I returned; and I was allowed to trade for it with no out of pocket. I asked for the same price as the video camera; and they allowed me to have $25 off. 

We've shopped this place before and have been happy with our purchases. This was the first time for us to experience a problem. Would we shop there again in the future?...knowing their policy in full, yes, probably. But, it doesn't hurt to be cautious and knowledgeable about what you're shopping for either. 

So, I'm all your thrifting and bargain shopping do you shop at Pawn Shops? 

Have you found good deals? 

Have you had good dealings with reputable pawn brokers? 

You can tell me all about it in the comments. 

Finally, brother, Whatsoever things are TRUE, Whatsoever things are NOBLE , Whatsoever things are RIGHT , Whatsoever things are PURE, Whatsoever things are LOVELY, Whatsoever things are ADMIRABLE; if any thing is excellent and praiseworthy, think on such things. ~ Philippians 4:8


shannon i olson said...

My husband sells to the pawn shops occasionally, but we seldom buy, they are just too high here and the quality of stuff and display does not appeal to me. We do buy movies at one place that has 2 for $3 sales.
I know I would rather go to a second hand store but...since the vintage items are so hot, they too have gotten outrageous here!

Cindy said...

That looks like a nice camera, i have never shopped at one of those stores, but my hubby found a Wii Mario game at one for our son-in-law and grandson last Fall for a very good price.
Hugs, cindy

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

No we've never purchased anything in a Pawn Shop. But we drove past one a few weeks ago and told my Husband that we should go back and have a look because they had rototillers and lawn mowers out front! I'd love to have a rototiller!

Looks like a great camera! I still don't know the ins and outs of my camera :) I just keep it on automatic!

NanaDiana said...

I have never bought anything at a pawn shop either but my son does all the time. He gets great bargains. I love your new camera-have fun learning to use it- xo Diana

Art and Sand said...

I have never pawned anything or even been in a pawn shop. I wouldn't know how to buy. Maybe I should check one out.

Gail Wilson said...

great camera! one of my drills came from a pawn shop... it was a gift. I NEVER go in there, I'm intimidated to go in alone. I feel like a need a man to go with me. is that silly?
pinning this post!

Revi said...

Yea for you and your new camera! :)