Tuesday, July 23, 2013

:: My Very Own Frankentable ::

So.. I needed a table.
I had a table.
But it wasn't going to be the right fit without a little bit of modification.

 I had remembered reading this blog... 
4 the Love of Wood and her post showing how

Gorgeous Legs

 to add legs to furniture
You must click on that link if you've not read her blog and YOU MUST see her furniture transformations...
they are so Wonderful!

Again... Inspired!!!

I added cabriole legs to the front --(right there, in my kitchen, isn't that were you work on all your projects? ) 

I made straight legs for the back from scraps...(it IS going against a wall) 
and underneath, used some for braces between the new legs.
I attached all these with my drill from Black and Decker

 I found a scrap trim piece in the shed...I needed to make an apron to cover the alterations. 
I cut my very first miter cuts... ever!!! 

I used this 'firestorm ORANGE' Black and Decker cordless saw 
on a 45° angle... to make my cuts. 
That was fun! 

No, Not perfect ...  Nothing a little bit of wood filler can't fix, right? 

And here it is...waiting to be painted and the door to be put back on the front. 
Can you say...Frankentable? 

                                                        But wait there's more... 

**Thank you Kristy for the use of your 'Legs' photo...Part 1  and Part 2


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 Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~ Psalm 37:4


Kelly Howard said...

Can't wait! I love it so far!

Tombstone Livestock said...

What happened to the magazine rack on the side?

Jocelyn said...

Very nice! I have frankentabled a time or two myself. No, my miters are never perfect, either. Wood putty is my friend.

I'm looking forward to seeing it all done. I like it so far!!

Melanie said...

Oh wow, I have never made the 45 degree angle cuts, hubby always steps in and does it. Awesome!! Can't wait to see the end result!!! Now you have me wondering what can I do? LOL!!

NanaDiana said...

That was quite a project to tackle. I LOVE it and it is perfect- I don't see any bolts in the head so your Frankentable isn't so bad! xo Diana

The Boston Lady said...

So I went over to the blog and immediately knew I would be following her. This is going to look great, Pat! Yay on your mitered cuts! I am always intimidated by those. You are like me, it doesn't have to be perfect, that takes a lot of drama out of the whole process. Can't wait to see the finished product! Ann

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Great job taking on the corners, perfect or not, you have to start somewhere and every time you'll improve. Looking forward to seeing the end result. There's a shop here in town that takes old furniture and refinishes it on site with wonderful paints and finishes then sells it. It's perfect because it's older, quality stuff with a whole new look.

Diane said...

Hey-- good for you! Looks fun!

Revi said...

I'm SO impressed! I have a few things to which I'd love to add legs, but I am NOT brave enough to use a saw. I need all ten of my fingers...I use them daily.
Waiting with bated breath...

katie@mydiyhabits said...

Nice work adding the legs and molding! I totally have to try this...I always see ottomans at goodwill that could use a little leg action! Thanks for inspiring me!