Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Blahs...

I haven't posted in a few days what I'm doing. So here is a brief run down of how my day went.
Again, I'm posting after-the-fact...because, well... I just am.
I still have not much of a plan.
NONE. I injured my back on Sunday, am hurting, (actually it is my breast bone, I think I have a rib out of joint) I don't have the money for the I'm taking it easy.
************House Keeping routine:
I do sort of have a plan here. It is Flylady's plan. I am baby stepping. Getting ready for tomorrow, today.
Shining my sink.
Shining my sink. Before bed.
I am not getting dressed to shoes. Because I don't feel like it. Ha! I put them on to go out of the house, that is about it.
**************Budget: hmm...
am balancing daily. Have a plan there. (although, I see a pattern here in spending. HINT: IT HAS TO DO WITH EATING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I have spoken with dh about it. He sees the error in judgement we have here and agrees we must be strong in our decision to STOP EATING OUT!
Didn't go to church sunday... started out with stomach problems (a curse probably from eating out at McD's on Saturday) but that ran into Sunday with serious cramping and staying close to home (if you know what I mean)
I am praying about all these. I have a hard time focusing when I have so much focusing to do, but I am trying to trust the LORD in all these things.
One word that comes to my mind about all these things. Balance.
The key to Balance is Moderation. I am praying for the LORD to give me the proper Balance I need to get these things done.

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