Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Marjorie Holmes... I love her practicle prayers.

Today's list includes cleaning out the fridge!
Oh, God, how I dread cleaning the refrigerator. And I mean that not as an oath, but a prayer.
There it stands, singing away so faithfully, keeping our foods fresh for us. Reluctantly I open it, and instead of being grateful for its overflowin plenty, I want to back away and slam the door.
Instead, let me pause a moment and thank you. How generously you provide for us. We are never hungry. There is more than enough to go around there are even leftovers.
Leftovers. nuisance, yes, but also a symbol of your bounty. Quite literally our cups 'runneth over."
And these cups, LORD. These chill bright bowls. Thank you for them and for all the foods they hold. What an infinate variety of things are here to please and nourish us. The eggs, so delicate and white in my hands. The milk, rich and heavy in its cartons.. The bins of vegetables and fruit. The tangy globes of oranges, the moist green lettuce, the read meats, and yellow cheeses.
Every thing that we need to survive you quietly put on this earth for us, and the proof is here before me. Here on these crowded shelves.
LORD, forgive me for even a moment of irritation. Flood me with thankfulness. Bless these shelves that I scrub and restore to order. Bless my hands as I work. And bless this task; make it no longer a source of dread, but a humble form of women's worship -- cleaning the refrigerator. - Marjorie Holmes, I've Got To Talk to Somebody, God (DOUBLEDAY) c. 1968, 1969
If I took a picture of my own fridge and posted it for all the world to see... oh, my!
What a mess. She describes hers as being a bounty of all that God has given to survive. With 'moist green lettuce, and red meats, and yellow cheeses'... Mine would be more of a picture of wilted, brown, gross lettuce, and dried up blackened, putrid meats, and white and green crusted moldy cheeses. And lots and lots of aluminum foil!
It would not be a pretty site. On the door, are bottles half emptied and outdated condiments for making our food taste better at the moment. To my shock and dismay there are even empty bottles, why they're there is anybody's guess.
But, I must say Thank you LORD, for giving these foods, and forgive us of our indulgences, and waste. LORD, I must ask that you help me to be a better steward of the items that come and go from our trusty refrigerator.
LORD, thank you for the teether that sits in the butter compartment, it reminds me that my grandson is healthy and growing, and getting so big! He has four teeth already. Thank you for the vitamins that my dear husband takes to restore his health from the ravages of abuse for many years. I am grateful that he is taking vitamins and not something else; that could be harmful or illegal and destroy his body. I'm reminded that you have blessed us with so much; and we are never hungry and there is always enough to go around, and feed everyone at the table and plenty leftover. Thank you God.

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