Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Master Bedroom...

Yesterday and Today (Wed./Thurs.)
I spent time in my bedroom clearing it out, dusting, decluttering, and trashing a bunch of junk!

I don't have any pictures... which is fine because frankly it would be way too embarrassing. More so, than my kitchen.

So one day a while back I told Miss Tuffet that she needs to take everything out of her house and only bring back in the stuff she really, really likes and HAS A PLACE FOR. (She owns a single-wide mobile home, that has been filled up with the furnishings of her and her new husbands combined households. (So there is a lot of stuff she doesn't need, and some she just doesn't want anymore)

I thought 'hey, here is an opportunity to take my own advice.' So, that is what I've been doing in my bedroom the last two days.

This is what I've done so far.

I started at the door and emptied the built in knick- knack shelf, and dusted it off.
I removed all the shoes that were piled up on the floor.
I took out the books that were stacked on the shelves and the floor all around the bed.
I took the pictures off the wall (along side the door) and the wall directly facing the door.
I took the *curtains down and the sunflower garland that was draped over the curtain.
I washed the sunflower garland in hot soapy water, and hung them out to dry.
I fluffed the keepsake stuffed animals (that have graced my bedroom shelves for years) in the dryer with a bounce sheet to get the thick layer of dust off them.
(they will be put into individual boxes for each of the kids to do with as they wish)
I swept the cobwebs and dust from off the wall (told you it was bad).
I washed the wall with Lysol wipes. (NOTE TO SELF: buy more wipes)
I opened the window and washed the frame around the window, the panes and the trim.
Oh.. and this is gross! inside the ledge of my window, i found two mummified frogs! Don't know how long those have been there but, ...YUCK!
I also vacuumed the part of the floor I could actually get to without having to move any furniture. (once I've got the room completely cleaned out; I'll vacuum the whole thing)
* will wash the curtains tomorrow and I may hang them back up for now. For privacy's sake.

My Plans are ...
1. Paint the ceiling with texture paint.
1a. Texture all the walls with mud. DD did this in her mobile home; right over the wood paneling, which is what I have in my bedroom. It looks really good. So, I'm gonna try it too.
2. Paint the walls a light dove grey.
3. Paint the trim white.
4. Paint the floor and the windows (woodwork) a light blue. (sunwashed blue)
5. Come up with a different window treatment than I had. Thinking of doing roll up match stick shades ... (natural)
6. Going to seal the wood floor under the carpet (natural) already have the sealer.
6a. Looking for either a sisal type rug OR a cheap oriental type rug to go in there. (Winter months the floor gets pretty cold.
7. Decorations Minimal.
8. Ceiling fan needs to be replaced. (saving for a new ceiling fan)

I wanted to add:
** Besides the obvious benefits of cleaning my bedroom (like having a clean bedroom) you also find stuff!
I found my TightWad Gazette Vol. III... cleverly hidden behind amongest the stack of dusty books, for who knows how long? Yay! I'm enjoying reading that in my few moments of spare time.
** I have had lots of motivation and Miss Tuffet has given me lots of encouragement. Honey has been happy with the motivation and progress.
** Praise the Lord for giving me the motivation, the energy, and the stamina to get all this done, all while taking care of Quite Contrary's little one. She started a new job this week and I'm keeper of the Wee One. God is good!

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