Monday, October 20, 2008

I went idea shopping for the bedroom today...

I had to make a trip to WM today. (don't like going there, but i usually go for make use of the time spent, right?)


while i was there I shopped. This particular store DOES CARRY the 2 gallon can of TEXTURE PAINT (WHITE) for just under $14 ... so i picked up a can of that. It is for the bedroom ceiling.
Next... I bought a new paint tray set.
This particular on had 9 pieces to it; including the little cutting in tool just under $10. Yay!

I also bought 1 plastic drop cloth $1.50 It is 9 X 12 which happens to be what my room is.

I also got more paint samples.FREE! If i keep going... I could just glue those to my walls like little mosaic tiles. Then I won't have to paint! Ha!
ALL TOTALED: i spent about $25-$27 so far.

I also looked at ceiling fans while I was there. Remember, I said we're saving for a new one; because the one we have only goes on 'low'. Well, the reason we're saving is because the cheap 'pretty ' ones that are WM is all we can afford ...for now.
But I know that Honey will only want a Hunter... and they are a bit pricier... (and don't continue to turn on high after about 6 - 8 years!)

I didn't get any cleaning done today. The weekend came and went and was completely busy. We had lots and lots of stuff to do, and today... we had important things to do as well.
Our youngest dd, Quiet Contrary... got married at the JP's office. So... plenty busy enough without having to clean house too!

Will catch up on all that tomorrow.

ta-ta fer now!

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