Sunday, December 7, 2008

what HAS taken place here?

I just wanted to post to say just what has been taking place in and around our home concerning being organized, decluttered, and re-purposed NOW.

Before the Thanksgiving Holiday-- Miss Tuffet came and helped me to clear out and organize the front bedroom. It used to be the bedroom of Quite Contrary (she recently married and moved). She had left some belongings behind, not knowing what to do with them or having the lack of room at her apartment and 'new-diggs' she left it all. So, before Thanksgiving... we boxed it up and stacked so neatly under a dressing table and threw a floor length table cloth over it. Voil`a!

Miss Tuffet took it upon herself to take all the pictures that HAD BEEN in my bedroom and were now stacked around this front room and hang them on existing nails already in place in the walls. After all, Thanksgiving was just 2 days away and company was coming!

We threw some sheets on the bed. [Oh, yes... i forgot to mention the bed] Miss Tuffet had a Queen sized mattress and box springs at her house with no frame and no room really to have a bed that size- so Son-In-law brought it over and now we have a Q-sized bed in that room, complete with sheets and coverlet. yay!

Let's see--- what else?

I cleared out the living room of all unnecessary items.
* exercise bike
* toys
* sewing machine [it is a bedside table now in the 'new' guest bedroom]

I had a wicker table in the entry way of my living room covered with a table cloth and topped with pictures of the family all over it. That is gone now. It has been moved to the middle bedroom; where it sits in place of the aforementioned dressing table [the one w/ the floor length table cloth and boxes hidden underneath] which is now in the front bedroom.
Also- the dressing table sits in place of another table that has since been moved to my kitchen. It is just the right size and proportion to my kitchen cabinet and cook stove. It houses my convection oven, oven mitts, and 'george foreman-type' grill. Perfect!

That sounds like a lot and well, IT IS!
My most favorite thing that I've done in all this is - in the front bedroom, there was a short little chest of drawers that had belonged to the girls when they were home. I repainted it and put all of HOney's clothes inside and he has his own dresser now. I know that he is happy about that;because now he mentions often that he is going to get his clothes out of 'his' dresser. ;)

I also have my clothes in the closet in that room and it is so nice I can actually get to my clothes. In a previous post I mentioned how we're not organized enough to each have our clothes in our own room and that my closet is impossible to get into; well not anymore.

We have E-Z access to our clothes now and it is wonderful!

I think that is it for now.

*** on the note of my bedroom. It still is not finished yet. It is a work in progress. There have been interruptions such as weather [rain] and watching the Wee-One, and Holidays... just to name a few.

I'll post pictures as soon as I'm able.


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