Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I bought a 'new to me' ....

I love Kirby's vacuums. We have had them in our family for years. They never seem to give out -- only occassionally they need some repairs, especially if you're like me and wear them out!

I have one my dh bought for me many moons ago, and the off/on switch is not right- it isn't like the ancient one I have that belonged to my mother. No, this one has the tranmission thingy that makes it easy to drive and the switch is connected somehow to the slot in the front that is like a key telling it something is plugged in properly so it can work and come on now... well. mine quit.

So I got the 'new to me' vacuum Saturday, and it is newer than the one dh bought many moons ago! and it works wonderfully well, and the best part is that it adapts to all my little parts so I can use the shampoo-er on my rugs and carpets.


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