Monday, January 11, 2010

Interior Bliss Designs--

Way before I ever started this blog

I Poured



My personal favorite is Country Living

I love, loVE, LOVE! That magazine.
November 2007-- I came across this company- Interior Bliss Designs

I like taking something old, chippy, imperfect by most peoples standards and incorporating it into my home and daily life.

Kimberlee and Darren have at Interior Bliss Designs has a knack for perfecting chippy. Their keen sense of seeing an item for it's true worth; and making it shine in all it's rusty- chippy glory is something to behold! They can see something that is less than perfect and put it front and center regardless of how it is dressed-- right to the head of the table!

They have decorated and remodeled for lots of clients.

I have a few of my personal favorites. First and foremost is Camp Griffin. This is Kimberlee's own place. She has done a great job making it over.

I like this kitchen

I also like this bathroom

I'd love to post pictures- but am not sure how to go about that w/o compromising copyright. So please visit and check out the links. Let me know what you think!

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Prior said...

My mom is 84 and she has loved Country Living since day one; she was ecstatic when it came out, because it was the first mag she had seen that was her, she used to say she felt she knew the regular contributors, but of late she has been disappointed with less pages and so many ads, but that is the way nowadays. She would love all this blogging...She still writes a weekly column in our local paper... Lezlee