Monday, February 15, 2010

I've been busy!

I've been busy catagorizing- homeschool books to sell on Ebay.

I've been busy packing up boxes to send to Goodwill and putting stuff on FreeCycle email loop.

Our power went out for ALMOST 24 hours... I cooked by wood stove and used our oil lamps and made nice with the hubs... snuggling to keep warm.

The daughter and son-in-law and grand-daughter stayed over cause they didn't have the luxury of wood stove and oil lamps. So we had a nice time together.

I've been busy building a snow man, and throwing snow , and snapped a few pictures.

I've been busy stacking wood. Emptying ash! Sipping hot chocolate.

I've been busy catching up reading all y'all's (yep, that's a word here) blogs!

I'll post pictures of the snow man and snow angel later.

In the mean time...just know, I've been busy!


kolein said...

"all y'alls" is definitely not in our dictionary! How funny!

We home school here! Our boys are 9 and 6. Whatya got for sale???

You are one of the dearest, dearest people to put those suggestions about the mudroom on my post! I finally got to scream about it with my husband ( I was doing a jig too!) He's very jazzed about it! He's been in the closet just this very minute...he's working on the idea. I love it when he's working on an idea, too!!!

Have a fun time with family today!


Prior said...

My daughter lost there power here in town, but we didn't, so they spent the day with us and we were out school, so that is always good! Sounds like you've been productive. Lezlee

Coleen's Corner said...

"Living Without Electricity" or "How I Found The Pioneer Woman In Me by Accident"... we could all offer tips and tricks, huh? Once you get past the annoying aspect, it really isn't that bad, but I definitely like living with it instead of without it!