Thursday, February 18, 2010

One reason I love living in TEXAS...

I love the weather!


we had one of the best SNOWS EVER- since I was about 12 years old!
We built this Snowman.

Yes, I know he resembles a jack-o-lantern, but you have to say 'he has character'.

My hubby is about to smack me with a snowball.

He is a good aim.

My daughter - grownup that she is STILL had to make a Snow Angel.


The daffodils are getting ready to bloom.

The 'fire-y red' whatever this is ...Is blooming.
I looked it up before, but don't remember the name. It was growing on the fence line when we moved here 14 years ago.
but isn't it pretty?
There are no leaves on it right fact it looks dead, except for the orangy-red flowers that are blooming.

This is one side of the yard where the wood pile is; there are branches that had to be removed due to snow damage last week and lots of brush.
The branches are cedar we're hoping to rent a chipper and use the wood for mulch around parts of the yard.

We have lots of trunk pieces that didn't get split this year to burn in the wood stove; but are available if needed.

Today was so pretty outside. We walked the property while the sun was shining high this morning. It is a little soggy out in the field. We had some really pretty golden grass blowing in the wind... but I didn't get pictures of that.
The pond in the field behind us is way outside its banks and the evening sun setting on it causes the ground to glisten!

That is just one look around our place. I see now I listed way more than One reason I love Texas.

oh well...enjoy the pictures.

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