Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday's Hunt w/ the Honey

Today I spent all day with my Honey looking for a deal.

We made a trip to Dallas to take care of some business. While there (actually Mesquite,TX ...a suburb) we went to Target. We never ever go there.

I had a gift card for $10 got Honey some new socks. Much needed and thanks to the card ...FREE!

THEN we went to Wal-Mart.

at both places we checked out some deals on cameras that were being discontinued. However they were sold out at both stores.

At some point during the day... I decided I'd do without a new camera and we'd purchase a much needed chainsaw instead.

Well, with all the weather ...(ie: SNOW) WE'VE HAD LATELY... the chainsaws were picked over and out of stock as well.

Don't get me wrong. There were cameras and chainsaws to be bought, but not with in our budget, seeing how my dh is newly retired. We're being a LOT more frugal with our cash flow.

FUNNY! BOTH TIMES we asked the clerk about the cameras they blamed it on the snow. THEN AT LOWE'S...the sales clerk blamed the slim pickings of chainsaws on the snow too.

w/o giving up-- We decided on our way back home we'd hit the ONE AND ONLY Pawn shop in our area.

We got an almost brand new camera for $55 dollars (the sales man knocked $24 off at check out)
and a very fair deal on a chainsaw... $14 off an already low price of $89! They gave us a 5 day warranty.

Soooooooo....we went back to Walmart.

We bought batteries for the camera and a memory card; and we bought 2-cycle oil and Bar and Chain oil for the chainsaw.

So for less than $200.00

we got a camera and chainsaw and ALL THE NECESSITIES to make it a REAL GOOD DEAL!

And we got to spend the day with each other.

I'm swooning!

It was fun.
These pictures were taken with my *new* camera. Not too shabby.

Thanks for reading!


kolein said...

Wowza! You did so well!!!

Love the photo of your hubby using the chain saw! It's like I could touch the grass!

Was the snow an issue for the truckers and suppliers? I'm guessing! Does Texas get snow?

Did you say, "Pawn Shop"? Aren't those in questionable areas??? Heehee!

Loved reading your post

Prior said...

How funny! I'm glad y'all were persistent and got good deals. It is always at treat for us country girls to be able to go to a Target, Huh... Today I went to the lake to see my new grand baby and a Texas Longhorn came right up beside me on the road. Texas gotta love this place. Lezlee

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I thought I'd post in the comments and ...Just say thanks for the comments and questions.

To answer your questions.
It mainly snows in the pan-handle and across the Red River Valley- Snow is a rarity in some parts of the state. Where I live it doesn't snow that often, more so than snow we usually get a LOT of ice in the winter. Which all that means is that it rains and then the temps drop and it freezes; that is when you see all the news casts of the crazy TEXANS who don't know how to drive. Yes! we're crazy like a Hog on the ice! People should just stay home in my opinion if they don't know how to drive.

Another crazy thing... when we get snow and a lot like we did recently. We go out and buy up EVERYTHING as though it is the end of an ERA and there will be NO TOMORROW! So, the suppliers probably SUPPLIED THE ORDERS for cameras and chainsaws--- but alas *chicken little* convinced the sky was falling and had obviously never seen this much snow in a lifetime, as with my grown kids, ran for the nearest camera dispensary! (The last time I personally saw this much snow-- I was 12 years old. It was 1978. )

So the stores haven't restocked. AND! the cameras I was looking at to buy,particularly- were already marked low-- as closeouts.

As for the 'Pawn Shop' being in a questionable area of town. Down here in the rural area where I live. There is really ONLY ONE AREA OF TOWN... so the *Well -to-do's* hob-nob with the *seedy individuals* when it comes to shopping. The plain ol' folk like us... we're just stuck with trying to find a deal and have to sort it all out the best we can!
I actually haven't shopped in a pawn shop in years. There was a sale today on tools. It was actually quite fun.

I DID NOTICE THAT I was clutching my purse a little tighter than usual! LOL

Well, this was kind of long... but again, I appreciate the feed back on my blog.

CE Webster said...

I have never been to a pawnshop. I like to go to yard sales-maybe I'll give pawnshops a try. Thanks for an interesting post and congrats on the bargains.

Coleen's Corner said...

Oh your posts always make me drool. I'd love to have a day with the hubby ALONE, go shopping and yes, even start up the chain saw! Next thing I know, you'll be spray painting... I want to do that too! Oh keep up the dream work for me! p.s. loved you last comment - cracked me up (just like an egg!)