Thursday, June 16, 2011

Changing our Diet~

So Honey had the heart attack-- and we saw several types of doctors while in the hospital. 
One of the specialists that came in to council with us was a DIETITIAN . 

It started out we're to lower our Sodium in take and Limit our fried foods. 
Ok. That sounded easy enough. 

So I'm thinking. Great! we'll just eat what we're growing.  Easy enough. 
Spinach, Broccoli, Tomatoes, potatoes... etc. 
Easy Peasy, Right? 

Because of the STROKE  Honey is on a little medicine called Coumadin-- blood thinner. 
Soooooo.... We get to the VA and they tell us to limit foods that are high in Vitamin K--- 
anybody care to guess why? 
Well, I'll tell you-- it CLOTS THE BLOOD. 
Guess what foods have Vitamin K, 
... anybody? 
Spinach, Broccoli, Asparagus (which Honey just found out around Thanksgiving that he really likes!) 

Fast- Forward 1 week today... 
We finally meet the Primary Care Provider through the VA-- 
He reviews Honey's Labs from Monday--  
Says His Potassium is HIGH.  
Asks if he eats a lot of it.  (now mind you, he was given Potassium tablets while in the Hospital in Dallas-- I guess it was low?)  We say NO. He doesn't eat a lot of it.  He doesn't like Orange Juice and only occasionally eats a Banana...   I expected the Dr. to tell it was low, because of the previous meds in the hospital ; but no, it is high.  
 I said- "Well, I have no idea what foods have potassium in them." 
He whips out YET ANOTHER LIST! 

Potatoes, Tomatoes, BEETS (One of Honey's favorites!)  and remember he can't eat greens (Vit. K) so the Beets I put up and the Greens from the Beets... very limited. 

Anyway-- what is a man to eat?  

Egg Plant Parmesan! 
Lightly fried in Olive Oil-- which by the way, has Vitamin K in it! (there really isn't that much olive oil in this skillet, when I say lightly fried; I browned the eggplant after battering on both sides and let it finish cooking with the lid on in the electric skillet~ where I used NO OIL)  THAT'S HEALTHIEERR... RIGHT? 
layered on top of a bed of Tomato Sauce, chock full of Potassium! 

Baked in an electric skillet so not to HEAT THE HOUSE UP (the man can't take the heat now either) 
Smothered in Mozzarella and a little Cream Cheese and more tomato sauce!  
You can see what we ate of it-- we sent the rest home with the kids! 
To raise their Potassium and Vitamin K levels and build strong bones with all that cheese of course!  Aren't I the best MOM, looking out for my kiddos the way I do? 

So now it is back to the drawing board with me.  I'm taking all three lists--- cross referencing them, making a new list and checking it twice! 
Going to *Google the heck out of everything we eat and come up with the best little menu this man has ever seen. 
Now-- if he weren't such a picky eater! 

I guess if we'd been eating this way all along; we'd not be here in this situation. Who knows, really?  So what sort of healthy meals are you making for your family? Do you have restrictions in your diet?  If so, was it difficult to make the switch? Or have you always eaten healthy? 

This helipad was out the window of our hospital room in Dallas... it was on top of the parking garage across the way from us.  We saw several flights come in bringing patients from afar getting emergency medical attention. 

God Bless you and Thanks for reading! 


Granny said...

I'm the last one to give you advice on cooking healthy foods. I've had two stress related heart attacks in the past and don't watch my diet like I should.

You're both in my daily prayers. Hope you can find some foods you can cook that you will both enjoy.

Deb said...

it seems like your damned if you do and damned if you don't...I guess moderation is the key....hope you find a plan that will work...