Friday, June 17, 2011

Rethinking the Land Scape: Part 2

I've shown pictures of  my yard in the Winter time, Spring Time and Fall. 
All because the flowers are blooming and the Trees are green or perhaps everything was covered with a beautiful blanket of snow-- or the Trees have put on their beautiful display of foliage creating a special back drop or setting. 

I don't think I've ever shown you something as scary as this... 
My yard in Summer! 

OH, check it out-- I painted my repurposed futon-railing~ FINALLY!
 Just about a week before Honey went into the hospital... (I know, that seems to be an important marker for me on the timeline lately.  Before Heart Attack and After Heart Attack.)  

I took pictures;  just random shots around the yard as we were leaving for the VA the other morning (Wed. I think)  It was sprinkling. 
Yes-- an End- of- Spring-what-feels-like-Summer-Rain! 
This walk way goes from our park way to the porch. I love the texture and colors of the old chippy bricks. The kids and I laid it about 14 years ago... it holds water when it rains heavily.  But not today-- it was a small shower. Needs to be leveled out.  Not a mid summer project-- 
I've been assessing our yard and seeing it with a different goal in mind.  I want to make this whole area a GARDEN... instead of a lawn. 
Full of  beautiful -- drought hardy plants. With blooming 'something -or- other's'  all over the place.  ...And maybe a rock or two and ground cover and even a little bit of Cactus. 
It's a pretty big area to work with-- so it will take some planning and LOTS of Time. 
There isn't much shade directly in the front yard. Except early morning-- see above no shade and below...
 a line of Cedar trees that create morning shade. 
This is what is left of the front veg garden.  The lettuce bolted quite some time ago-- but I left it for seed. 
I've done some research and have successfully HARVESTED LETTUCE SEEDS for my next planting season.  Not very many-- but we already determined we grew too much lettuce for the two of us anyhow. 
The potager (puh-teh-jay) is still bringing some fruit to the table... well, the window-sill in this instance.  Our first Tomatoes!  I've recently read that when dealing with an on-slaught of pests (also known as a PLAGUE) : it is advisable to pick your tomatoes at first blush and bring them to a sunny window to finish ripening-- to cut your losses. 
Aren't they pretty?  
Quite Dee-LISH! 
So what's growing in an around your yard?  Or if your like me... what's not growing?   Are you making plans for your gardens?  Maybe your making note of what didn't work out for you this season and you'll be switching things up a bit, like me! Either way-- let me know!  I can use all the pointers I can get!  
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God Bless you and Thanks for reading! 


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

your porch is so cute! I love the repurposed (of course) railing!
and the bench!
I am neglecting my flowers at the moment.
thanks for sharing your landscape with us!

Deb said...

its hard to keep things lovely with all this heat and no rain in Texas

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

A futon repurposed porch rail!
Did you stay up at night just thinking of that?
Great idea...
Think you should win a prize for that idea!
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Amy Kinser said...

I bet you can do whatever job you set your mind to. I know it will get super hot, so make sure you don't overdo it. I think we all have to be careful when out doing yardwork or any hard labor outdoors.

Can't wait to see what you do with your yard. I know it will be great.

Teresa said...

This has been a difficult gardening year for me, but I'm hoping something will still come of it. I really like the idea of making the "yard" into a large garden.