Saturday, June 18, 2011

Growing Avocados-- Update

Earlier in the year I showed some pictures of some avocado pits I was starting to grow. 

I've had some success-- don't know really what I've done differently but some are growing faster than others.  
This is the last one I started probably late January. 

Still nothing. (But I am hopeful) 
 The 2nd of 3 I started.  This one, I also started trying to grow in January.  It finally has a teeny-tiny stem coming out the top.  I also picked it out of the dirt and there are about 5 roots shoots on the bottom.
So-- with a little bit of Grace and Mercy-- We'll get a tree from this one.

 This is the very first Pit I started to grow.  I saved it from December Christmas gathering-- grew it the same way as pictured above and this is what it looked like in May.   I was so excited.

This what it looked like in June when we came home from the hospital. 
Woo-woot!   I'm growing a tree! 
An. Avocado. Tree.  
I love avocados. 
This is thrilling! 

This is what I have now in a westerly facing window of my house.  I decided to put them all together.
I hoping the little tree will encourage all the other little trees to 'get out of the pits'!  Ha! 

I've learned that it will be 3 to 4 years from planting before we'll see any fruit.  But I don't care.  I'm waiting it out!

This has been one of the more challenging (as in I'm impatient) things I've done all year. Silly, I know. But I've so looked forward to that pit becoming a tree. Right now it looks more like a little plant than anything. But believe me. It's a tree!

Have you done something on a small scale that just seemed so big and ginormous to you?  Is there a little project that means so much to you and maybe everybody else thinks its no big deal?
What little project do you have tucked away--- waiting patiently for end results?
Care to share?
Leave me a comment.  I'd love to read about it!

God Bless you and Thanks for reading!



Deb said...

that is awesome Pat...I hope you get an alvacado...our veggie garden this year...we had ideas of grandure...gonna can the vegetables..have veggie through the winter...well it's not going as planned...

Granny said...

I hope the avacados grow well for you. I tried to start roses from cuttings. Three of them rotted in the ground from all the rain we've had. Two of them look like they just might make it.

ibshell said...

I've NEVER had success growing an avacado pit! I eat avacados ALL. THE. Time! did you use one out of one you ate? (I'm assuming) Thanks for inspiring ME!!

Cindy said...

Hello dear lady,
I hope your husband is recuperating at a good pace. I was so sorry to hear of his health problems.
My mom grew an avocado tree years ago and it did grow to be a good sized indoor tree, but it never had fruit on it. I hope yours does grow fruit for you.
The project that I have been wrangling with is my back porch. It looks so horrible most of the time and when people come to our back door that is what they see and I am terribly embarrassed. But I told my hubby today what I wanted to do with it and he agreed that I should do it. So I see some hope on the horizon!
Have a good evening.
Hugs, Cindy

Elisabeth said...

What a great idea; I never thought of doing this.

One of my latest projects was fixing up our back porch. None of us had even thought about it in the 15 years we've been in our home. It finally hit me one day that I should make it look attractive. I'm really pleased with the result. It looks a lot better than before.

I am waiting patiently for some flowers I purchased to cover a little arbor I bought. I've had the flowers for over a month and they haven't really started doing what I wanted them to do. Still working on it...

Kim said...

I have an avocado tree (a little one only about 4 feet tall) but something, and I can't figure out what, is decimating the leaves! So I have a very skinny tree with some leaves :-p But I'm still hopeful!

(here from Homestead Revival)