Monday, June 20, 2011

Ordinary is Good~

I was reading around today-- catching up on some weekend blog hop, parties, etc.  
I was inspired by one blog post in particular-- speaking in terms of doing the mundane and it got me thinking about the significance of mundanity (ie: the ordinary) . Yeah, I had to look that one up; I actually typed in mundanacity!  But NO. That  IS NOT a word. 

Anyway-- it got me thinking of all the different things that I do around my home on a day to day basis. 
The cooking, the cleaning, the washing, the yard and gardening--- all of those things important;  
 But because of repetition -sometimes boring and often rebelled against on any NORMAL day! 
Isn't it interesting how one traumatic and unexpected event puts everything into perspective for you?  
I never thought about being in this situation. EVER. 

We've been home 2 weeks now.  We're still having doctor appointments, labs and X-rays.  On any given day, I spend hours on the phone talking with the V.A., social workers and Community Care folks about medical bills, transportation and assistance. 
It makes the ordinary-- so much more special for me.  

Today  I hung laundry and enjoyed the breeze while outside. I actually enjoyed walking around the property picking up odd and ends that have blown across the yard.  The wind has been blowing the last few days about 25-30  miles an hour-- tossing things from their places over to the fence line. 

I was glad to wash all the griminess from the door and door knobs that had been leftover from the Father's Day Cook out. 

It was nice to get the trash taken out and the counters washed down. 

...and fluff the pillows. 

I'm grateful to God for the ordinary.  

I'm sure He uses these things to keep me sane. 

God Bless you and Thanks for reading. 

For accountability sake you can read the article that inspired me (my inspiration) here. 


Boho Farm and Home said...

You are so right! There is some comfort to be found in "doing the next thing" whether taking care of a baby, sweeping the floor, doing laundry. Those "everyday" things are something we can count on and it helps us to focus. Great post! Hope you all are getting stronger and feeling better.

Laurel@ChippingwithCharm said...

So true...sometimes ordinary is very, very good. Thanks for the reminder, Laurel

Granny said...

I think it's the ordinary or everyday things that we take for granted that we enjoy most. Hope your Honey is doing well.

Gracefully Vintage said...

That is what is so great about blogs- they can take you anywhere-and so little can so inspire you..
Take Care

Prior said...

Spending time and taking care of Moma and going through her things a little has made me have the same thought... Love your post.

Mel's Cabin Designs said...

I love the ordinary things! 'cause now I have my twin 16 year old granddaughters living with us and the home life is full of activity and a quiet home once in a while is nice. It's a blessing to have the girls, though. thanks for your comments at Mel's Cabin Designs....