Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Time Arrangement~

Sunday I showed you the Perpetual Project-- today I'm sharing with you, the most recent 'look' to the room. One I'm even more fond of than before! (I actually did this on Saturday, before Father's day... but the other post was waiting to be posted; so I had to get it out first) 
We have a Winter time arrangement of furniture and a Summer time arrangement of furniture. 
One is to accommodate for the wood burning stove-- the other for the window A/C. 
Last year I covered my couches for the summer with white blankets-- I'd purchased for really cheap. 

Well, this year the kids did the re-arranging for me before coming home from the hospital. But they aren't used to seeing the blankets on the furniture so they didn't put them on there.  Not to worry-- I did it this morning!   I like the look it gives. 

 I covered the couch and love seat with white cotton coverlets.  I'm not going for a beachy look-- just a more crisp-- summery feel.  It lightens up our dark living room too. This is the look that has lumped me into the  Flea Market Style Personality.  YES! I SAID IT... I have PERSONALITY! 
I've been buying these thin blankets every so often at Bargain land when I see them. They are usually only $1. 
I used 4 of them for this couch and loveseat. 
 Simple pillow slips. 
 This one came from my MIL's things. It has grass and flowers painted on it in tan. With a brown and white crocheted edging. 

 I like the furniture arranged this way in the summer-- it seems cooler.  There are more seats under the ceiling fan and this allows for the window A/C to cool the room better. 
 The green STINKY- rug. Well, it isn't stinky anymore. But it was!  
 I'm thinking of changing out the curtain on the front door-- it is too yellow for the rest of the room. But for now has a room darkening affect-- keeping us cooler on the inside. 
 This window has been covered for almost 2 years-- last year we didn't even turn the A/C on... crazzy hot, too! Anyway-- after uncovering this window and opening up the blinds and the curtains ...and after taking this picture--- I see that we never painted the panels along the side of the A/C.   
I'll probably do that this week.  We have NO APPOINTMENTS!  YAY! 

The view from my front door, looking straight into the kitchen.   

After taking these pictures-- I see things that still need tweaking just a bit.  Some colors that need to be eliminated and some that could be added in-- to unify the space better.  I think this is definitely one of those PERPETUAL PROJECTS!  if there is such a thing-- ( I actually just thought of that phrase off the top of my head) Either way... that isn't what I started out wanting it to be. Quite frankly-- I'm tired of it 3 months ago. 

So for now I'm calling this project done! 

God Bless you and thanks so much for hanging on, waiting, and READING! 

* White Wednesday #106 here.


Granny said...

I like cool cotton covers on furniture in the summer time. It makes the furniture feel cooler and more comfortable to sit on. I don't know how you stood it last summer without turning on the a/c.

Cindy said...

I agree, dear Pat, the white blankets do make for a cooler feel in a room. It looks very comfy and homey, just like it should look. It's nice to have things around us that mean something to us, isn't it. That is why I could never get someone to professionally decorate my house, filling it with lovely things that mean nothing to me would be futile.
Have a good week, my friend.
Hugs, Cindy

Coleen's Corner said...

"Crisp" comes to mind... crisp and cool and comfortable - I love your summer look! And isn't it amazing how everything looks different through the camera lens? I don't know how many times I've looked at a picture and saw something I never noticed before. p.s. - how are the chickens?

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Your home looks very cozy, and welcoming. :)
I have been "making" slip covers for my couch for about a year now. blankets seem like a much easier alternative!
ohhh, what the camera sees that I don't see! I am constantly noticing things after I upload the pics to the computer!
thanks for sharing your home with us!

Lorraine said...

Your summer makeover looks so inviting! Happy WW!