Friday, September 30, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #28

 Preparedness Challenge #28
I was talking with my brother this week- and they had a fire near their home and it was quite close. The Volunteer Fire Dept – and quick thinking neighbors came to the recue and all are fine. He brought up the point ,that he would hope to be able to let the horses loose before the fire swept near the barn and corral. We also agreed on the importance of a ‘Grab –N- Go’ bag at times like these.
It made me think that the importance to Preparedness is the ‘PRE’  part of that word. You know, having a plan?   When I looked up preparing on Webster’s Dictionary , I liked the last one best-- “to get ready”.  I’d like to think I’m doing just that!
This week’s plans for preparedness went something like this:
Let me just say: Propane ain’t cheap! 
To have firewood cut and delivered isn’t so cheap either. In the past, we have gone to different friends and family’s houses'; and cut and removed wood from their property for firewood.  Honey isn’t able to do that so much this year; and I don’t know how to run a chain saw.
Note to self: Learn to run a chain saw.  
Last week I mentioned making a list of the haves and have-not’s – On my own list I saw that we needed new wicks, so I got those while I was out this week shopping for a vacuum belt of all things.  I also am placing an order for  The Backyard Homestead   by Carleen Madigan… I’m using my Swag-Bucks  Amazon gift card to get it! Yay, me! it’s almost free and I’m also ordering a new presser foot from Amazon, so my shipping will be free, too.  Woot-woot!
As for the  Coffee- logs you can click on the link above to learn how to make fire starters for free from recycled items.  It’s virtually free and burns clean. I’ve been making these about 3 years now. They work great!
I added to my Preparedness list this week:
  • Cast iron Pot :for roasting or making stew on the wood stove. I figure it will save the “O, so- expensive- propane” and why not since I’ll be having the stove going all day anyway. It will take the place of a crock pot on the counter too! (saving electricity)
  • Dryer lint:  Usually get my daughters to save it for me! Need to remind them. (one disadvantage from hanging clothes outside—no dryer lint…LOL!)
  • Batteries: for the Car flashlight
  • Survival Kit: w/ first aid box and blanket for the car. (realized we needed this while at the car wash…timing is everything!)
As Always
God Bless you and Thanks for reading!

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The Boston Lady said...

Pat, we in Florida can certainly use these tips too! Especially during hurricane season. Thanks for the timely reminders! Ann