Sunday, February 10, 2013

::A Simple Copy Cat Project::

It's been almost a year since I did an inexpensive make over in my bathroom. The only bathroom we have; so it took, LIKE FOR.EV.ER!!! It started with just a new paint job...and then well, I ended up 'PAPERING' the floor. 
deCOUPAGED style

In the past year...I've made a few changes. 
I finally put a bead of caulk along the tub...
Bathroom floor finished 017 (14)
and trimmed out the paper...Lets see I did the project in February last year...and caulked it around AUGUST SOME TIME... 

Also- recently changed out the oak seat with a white one. One of the hinges broke...turns out, you can buy all sorts of parts at LOWE'S for your toilet replacement needs...EXCEPT seat hinges!!!  REALLY?!  
They have them on line...but a new wooden white seat COMPLETE WITH HINGES...was about $3.00 plus dollars cheaper; no shipping and no waiting!  
I can live with the white! 

In the winter, our bathroom floor gets really cold. I have two long rugs that I keep in there with smaller rugs underneath for padding and warmth. A blue one and this Red and Pink one. 
Today was just windy enough ...I was able to change them out and launder the blue one. 
I made this rug. I think I may have shown it before--but couldn't find the link. 
Care to guess how old this CROCHETED RAG RUG IS??? 
(but, I didn't come to talk about the rug) 

Today, I added this little hint of color to the room. 

A lid for my old- rusty, dug-it-out-of -the- side- of- The Ozark Mountains- chamber pot. 

Yes! years ago, while helping my in-laws clean up their place... we happened upon a dump, I was so happy to have an old bean pot! LOL... my mother in love quickly set me straight; and was a little surprised when I told her I'd keep it anyway! 
After a good cleaning and some spray paint on the inside... 
I began using it.
but it never had a lid ...see?  

I lined it with a pretty pillow slip for years. 
Until today. 

I got the idea off of HOME SPUN LIVING and copied it. I left her a message and told her I was going to! :) 
It's just two round plywood circles. There is a smaller one on the underside to keep it on the pot. Clever, huh?  I also scrounged up this old knob, it actually holding the two pieced together. 
Hmmm...the color in the bathroom pictures is more accurate. 
and, NO. I can't cut a proper circle...

a simple lid. 

Maybe, a half-hour long project? 
Using What I had. Including the quart of paint, which was free from Ace last year; and some spare plywood.  
I like this quote (from apartment therapy)
Sustainability means a lot of things; it means keeping the existing and perfectly usable (but ugly) items and making them over to be more pleasing and it also means doing this makeover on a budget.
I hadn't thought about it, but this project (as with all my decorating projects) was/is sustainable decorating~~ :)  I like that! 

My inspiration photo-- 
homespun living: February days    Brilliant idea for a LID for anything.   PLYWOOD!

So look out!  When I see something on your blog...and I really want it bad !! want to give it a may just end up here on my ::COPY THIS?::  pinterest board

My Simple and Inexpensive Bathroom make-over can be read here
OR...if you just want to read about my "PAPERED FLOOR" ...HERE (to date it is the most read,clicked and 'pinned' post I have) and I noticed someone +1'd my paper floor? 

That is a new one.  What is (+1) ??? anyone know?  
I hope it's not a citation. Like a strike in baseball.  
I wonder how many +1's  one blogger can receive? 

(oh, and the crocheted rag rug...23 years old...I made it when my youngest son was about to turn 1 year old. It has lasted a LONG TIME! and... I wash it in the machine,too! ) 

The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen. ~Philippians 4:23


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! I knew it was a chamber pot all shower curtain is a "doll" it!...I've seen in a fabric shop where the owner newspapered her floor and laminated's beautiful! so while the wife shops for fabric...the hubby can read the newspapers!! lol...
Her shop is Fabric 'n Quilts, Jamestown, TN....we set up a booth in her parking lot during the Hwy 127 Yard that's 1 big Yard Sale all over town and up/down Hwy 127...ya gotta go!
We're a 1 bathroom home too...and smaller than yours....can you believe that?! I have bearly enough room for 1 trash can and 1 TP bucket....My magazines are also sharing space in the TP bucket! lol....You're having a great time redesigning over there...keep it up a little faster!! lol....:)

Sandy said...

23 years for that bathroom rug! Wow!
I have made a few over the years and
they always start to fade and come
apart after several washes.. the yarn
is 100% cotton.. must have been better
quality than mine.. the chamber pot is
so cool!

Rhonda said...

very cute bathroom. I especially like the patchwork shower curtain.
you did a great job on it.

Kirby Carespodi said...

I like this idea--and +1 is a good thing--it means someone shared your post! They like you!

Lilac Dreams said...

Is the rug just out of T shirt fabric or what when you said rag rug that is what I thought but then I read a comment 100% cotton yarn so now I am wondering.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

It is a Cotton blend...but it is definitely fabric. There was a time I bought fabric by the pound and at another place BY THE BOX... it was end cuts off the bolt!
Perfect for crocheting! :) Pat

Cindy said...

I noticed your crocheted rug right away! I like it very much. What did you use to crochet it with, fabric or yarn?
You are so smart! That's a wonderful lid for the chamber pot!
I have heard that because of germs and such that grows on toilet seats that they should really be changed out every few years. And should be done every time you buy a house, unless it's new, of course.
Have a great week!
Hugs, Cindy

My Repurposed Life said...

I am so with you on taking forever to finish a YIKES, too long!
Love your bathroom, the floor, the new seat AND the pot! :)


Lilac Dreams said...

Thank You that is what I though but then somewhere I read 100% ctton yarn. When just looking over comments here I realized it was some one else talking about theirs. I am thinking about startine to make strips and making them into balls, and when I have 4 or 5 good size balls start making one. said...

I just love homemade rugs!The rugs I make are called toothbrush rugs and I sure hope they last as long as yours has. It still looks great!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Lilac Dreams-
here is a diaper bag I made from old sheets and below that the tutorial for making the strips one continuous piece



hope that helps!

Melanie said...

I love it!!! That is my kind of decorating!! What a smart idea to make a new lid that way!!

The Boston Lady said...

This turned out great Pat! So clever... I well remember being astonished when you did this bathroom floor, so cool. Love that your homemade rug has lasted so long, isn't that the best thing? How long does it take to crochet a rug that size? Asks she who doesn't have a clue about crocheting. Ann

The Magnolia House said...

Hey Girlly!! Thanks for stopping by The Magnolia House! I am so glad that someone is still reading!! I love your lid to your pot!! What a clever idea!! Johnnie