Tuesday, February 12, 2013

::Frugal Fodder--13~ JUNK FOOD TAKE OVER!

I only drove to town for a few things. 
Mail etsy orders.
Get gas in the car. 
Coffee and Mozzarella Cheese. 

::But here's what really happened::
Went to Dollar General and the Bakery-- 
  • DG: 

Bread- $1.25
Saltines- $1.00
Pint IC- $2.15

Total --$13.40

  • Heritage Market: (Mennonite Bakery) 

Peanut Butter cookies: $4.00 (marked down)
Spell Binder cookies: $2.00 (marked down)
Dinner Rolls: $1.70 (marked down)
Mozzarella cheese: $5.00 (?)

Total-- $12.70 (estimated)

  • I paid cash both places but didn't get a receipt here I know the total was just over $12.00 --I don't think there was tax on the cookies, not  for sure though. After this trip which was initially for MOZZARELLA CHEESE and COFFEE...let's not forget the coffee. I had buyers remorse.  
I sooooo didn't want to tell you all this...because you DO keep me accountable. I'm just keeping it real!!!  
This is more difficult than it seems!! whine. 

I think I had more resolve when I was younger and had the kids at home.  I used to challenge myself all the time to spend less than the weeks before. That is NOT happening right now.  
So originally in my 1st post I outlined my own rules for our home and our budget...
I allowed for spending on necessary groceries and gas (oh, yeah, I put gas in the car too...$30.) A NECESSARY expense. We don't like being so far out in the country away from town and gas stations and NOT have gas in the car; in the event of an emergency. So while I was in town I put gas in the tank. 

On Saturday-- 
  • David's Foods Today: I shopped with purpose. 

Sugar was on sale  4# -- $1.99 x 4 (stocking the pantry)
So were Red Potatoes  3# --$1.29 x2 = $2.58
I also bought the following:
Canned Chili x2 -- $3.00
Hot Dogs x2-- $2.00
Buns -- $1.00
Swiss cheese-- $2.29  6oz.
Cheddar (shedded)-- $1.50
Velveeta block --$4.99 w/coupon for $1- (reg $5.99)


Couple of things I've noticed--

  • We eat more DAIRY than I realized.
  • Velveeta isn't DAIRY...(I knew this already ...but I'm just saying...) 
  • The Honey likes his ice cream and made the pint last for 3 servings! (he should get points for that!)
  • Even though the cookies were huge and baked in a specialty shop-- AND MARKED DOWN... I still could have made Peanut Butter cookies cheaper and had fun with the Littles while they are here. 
  • Had planned on making bread---but bought a loaf instead. Hmmph! 
  • Junk FOOD is EXPENSIVE! No different from eating out... do you think so? 
  • Sometimes you just want a CHILI DOG! 

 How will I stick with the other aspects of NO Spend February?

  • Will stick with the plan to be making bread the rest of the month (want to learn to do this WITHOUT  a bread machine -  PINNED THIS RECIPE TO TRY
  • and I've never made ROLLS before... I would love to do that too.) 
  • Crackers will be used for meals like *Salmon Patties and *Chili bowls  (2 things The Honey likes to make and eat on his own!)
  • Red Potatoes will be stored in a cool dry place! (last time I bought potatoes...they ruined, What a waste!)
  • Car-pooled to the grocery today with Daughter--- will do this when I can.
  • Was able to put some $5/ bills back since I used CASH! 
  • Used Cash! :) except for the Gas-- I paid with a bank card at the pump. 
  • Put $10 away for the Propane Fund! (remember, I've set a budget for $40 a month to be saved for PROPANE-- with January's total- I'm at $50 ) 
How will I do the rest of the month? 

There are  16 days left! 

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. ~Proverbs 31:27 



Art and Sand said...

One of the things that keeps me from spending is that I am so tired after work I don't stop by TJ Maxx like I wanted to. And when the weekend comes, I think I will pop in to my favorite stores, but I LOVE being at home and "fluffing" (new word I read on a blog) that I don't go shopping. Also, I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that I have way too many clothes and shoes and I don't really NEED anything.

Don't be hard on yourself. I had my no spend January and I did fantastic until January 27. I stopped into Tuesday Morning and saw a chair I just really wanted. I knew if I waited until February it would be gone. So I bought it. But, for most of the month I did great.

A little slip, but you can get back on track.

Melanie said...

If you can make bread, you can make rolls, they are not hard. The recipes that I use require an egg for rolls, but not for bread. You will have more variety and can play with your recipes. They also taste better than anything you will buy at the store! I agree junk food is expensive. What I find about myself is that if we eat out, or purcase junk food, it becomes a mind set. Like, hey I never buy this so grab it and on the next aisle I see something else etc., then I get home and realize what all I did buy!!! Eating out seems to be the same way. Theres only 2 of us, so it is cheaper. Grab a burger tonight, on the way home from work go thru the drive thru, next morning stop for a biscuit etc. Then we are eating out way too much. We have to say one time only and decide which time it will be ahead of time. Eating out should be a "treat" and we have a responsibility to make sure that it is and to keep it that way!
I admire your idea of no spend February! I can't do it that way, wish I could. I have to think one week at a time. One month is restrictive for me and then there is stuff everywhere to tempt me!

Kristina said...

Since I have been sick, and don't feel like doing a lot of bread baking, I found deals at the store - hot dog buns $.50/each bag, hamburger buns $.75/bag and buttermilk $1.00/half gallon. So many people in our local area are struggling, so there are more items marked down each week. I simply freeze most of it, and the kids can make frozen vegetable burgers on there own. I just made homemade granola bars, and will post the recipe soon. I have a larger family, and not spending anything would be very difficult. We have 7 of us here now. Not to mention farm and house animals.

dl@frugalhacks.com said...

I know how to make bread, have a mill so I make healthy whole wheat bread and rolls, but still find this to be one of my hardest areas to do consistently in my frugal life. It is more of getting back into the routine that is my problem than the process of making the bread.

One of the things I need to really practice better is only shopping for what is on my list. It is so easy for all of us to be tempted by a great sale or desire of the stomach!

You can do this Pat!

Revi said...

I'd love to know how much you end up saving at the end of the month by doing this!

Cheapchick said...

Even if you give in to junk food occasionally buying it in the store is Much! Much! cheaper than eating out. I don't bake bread,never learned, want to but it is on the list. I just try to find the best bargains on it. I set limits on what I will pay for certain things or we do without (not because we have to but because I want to stick to the budget). For instance I will not pay more than $1.50 for a loaf of bread (pretty hard when you live in Canada). When it goes on sale I buy a couple loaves to freeze. You are on the right path, don't worry about it - just try use what you have for the next two weeks - hard but worth it!

Faith said...

Hot Rolls are so easy to make also, I use the same recipe as for my bread..I had a post about it, here is the link w/recipe and picture if you care to take a peek. http://crochetbythesea.blogspot.com/2013/01/nothing-says-lovin.html

Your bathroom shower curtain is so pretty...did you make it, or purchase it? I like the patterns/colors..

Diane said...

What ever happened to FIVE pound bags of sugar?? The folks in charge must stay up nights thinking of new ways to rip off consumers. Good luck with your goal!

My Repurposed Life said...

I think you're doing great! chips and cookies are right up my alley! :)
you can do it! :)