Saturday, February 2, 2013

::Punxsutawny Phil's Prognostication~2013~

So when you rely on a ground hog, or a RODENT, to tell you the weather for the coming months...What does that mean about us as a Country? 
That we like tradition? 
That we like to do old-fashioned things JUST FOR FUN! 
That we like accuracy in our weather...accuracy that most weather forecasters can't give despite new fangled gadgetry, computer and wind-socks? 

I wonder , if HE could predict who'll win the Super-bowl tomorrow? 

I wonder if he could tell who will win the drawing for the give away tonight?  Go here to get your name in for a chance to win. 
Come back on Sunday and I'll have the winner posted. 
Thanks to all who entered and best wishes !

I wonder, Has  "Phil"  ever been wrong? Surely he has. After all, he's just a big ol' rodent. 
(according to Wiki- and records kept since 1887 he's about  accurate about 39% of the time) 

Well, then that makes it official. We just do this sort of thing for fun! 

Have a great GROUND HOG'S DAY! 

So teach us to number our days. That we may present to you a heart of wisdom. ~Psalm 90:12



Robyn said...

LOl Loved this post.. For some reason the word "Rodent" cracks me up.. LOL thanks for the laugh :)

nannykim said...

Yes, it really is strange!!