Wednesday, May 29, 2013

:: Frugal Fodder-21- Party for Pennies -or- CARS Themed Birthday Party ::

This is a post from last week--- doing some draft and photo clean up! :)

We started out the week  with a birthday party for Easton...

His birthday isn't for another couple of weeks...but the timing was perfect for Momma since she had 3 weeks out of Nursing School.

He's going to be 3...he doesn't care what day we have it on...just as long as 'CARS' ARE INVOLVED!!! 

 As always my daughter usually makes the decorations to save money and puts together a cute party for pennies!

 Dollar Tree table plastic table cloths and yellow electrical tape  makes a cute table and a nice place to drop gifts.
The signs were everywhere... this was definitely a CARS themed party!!!

"E" for Easton! 

 The little crochet rug was something she made for his older brother  a couple of years ago for his birthday... made a nice center piece on the coffee table.  The kids loved it!

She got her mileage out of the DUCT TAPE ROLL, TOO...

Even the bottled water--got a make over with some checked duct tape.... and fit right in with the theme.

 The winners circle... the cupcakes she made and for toppers...again DUCT TAPE CHECKERED FLAGS  and a cheap set of left over invitations with the Character Cut out... for cupcake pokes!

We had thought there would be a bounce house...but opted out.  The weather had been bit cool...but in the end, the pool was ready for swimmers. So instead of bouncing we enjoyed some time splashing around instead!

We had a blast!

I'm just curious. I know there are those...that would just rather not have a party at home.  We either had a small party and gathering when my kids were little or we celebrated with birthday dinners (especially once the kids were older)

  • Do people mostly do birthday parties for kids...AT HOME ? Or Do people prefer the Pizza Party places and Recreational Facilities ...or McD's for parties still? 

  • If you have a party at home is an option for saving money? ...OR Just personal preference? 
What are your thoughts on Home parties for kids  vs.  Event Room type parties (and all the stimulation a child can stand)? 

The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. ~Philippians 4:23 


Diane said...

Very cute decorations! Love that racetrack rug/centerpiece. We've had home parties then home parties at Grandma's because my dau's bday is close to Father's Day. This year it will be at a local park-- not cheap. You would think a small town park district wouldn't rake their residents over the coals, but I guess that is just everyone's norm today. I do know kids in my dau's class have parties at the pizza place or bowling/arcade joint. I can see the plus of not having 15 kids at your house, but the expense must be ridiculous. More power to ya.

Jenna said...

Looks like such a fun party! love it! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Love the decorations. Such creativity and great memories made! I was always a home party person. Loved having all the kids in the yard for crazy games and such.