Friday, January 10, 2014

:: Little Tick Marks, Little Changes, Thrifty Finds ::

   One of my goals for 2014 has been realized ALREADY… it’s just a small thing.  But HEY!—who doesn't love crossing something off the their ‘TO-DO’ list? 
I listed clean off kitchen counters for a “less is more” look.
In an effort to get ready to finish painting the kitchen…another goal on the daunting list…

I got busy this after noon and did that… Here is an idea of what my counters have looked like in the past.
dirty dishes
This is a result of the wild life I tell you… you can read about the truth behind my dirty dishes here.  :)
  little corner in my kitchen
This is after I got my wonderful…vintage green bread box.  Which I am still in love with…and have found a more permanent home for it.
My ‘little wine crate’ …curb shopped by mom about 27 years ago…seriously.  I’m still using these cool vintage aluminum canisters for their intended purpose.
I’m also using the glass canisters mounted under the cabinets for storage food storage rather than over flow.
Today, I cleaned out that corner of all the little jars and put them in the cabinet behind closed doors.  Except for the sugar and baking soda. The wall mounted glass containers are holding pasta now.  I like that much better.
The Saturday Right after Christmas—my aunt came out to the country to visit.  She and I hit up the local thrift stores and spent the day browsing.  I found the large glass jar…but it had no lid.  It was a dollar but everything was marked 1/2 off… I could not pass up this jar for .50¢ 

 Ricci Craigs List 044
I went over to the pots and pans area and they had a basket of lids… I found this Pyrex lid with little ridges around the handle… I paid .50¢ for it too!
 Ricci Craigs List 043
It was a perfect fit!
But what to put in it?  A few days later I saw  this picture-- Carlene @ Organized Clutter posted about her aluminum kitchen utensils in her glass jar… I just love the way she organizes her clutter!
aluminum in Glass organized clutter pic
Well!   … I loved it so much I had to copy it, right away. She let me share her picture with you. If you've not read her blog…click on over and see all her lovely displays of vintage goodness. 
I also bought these cute cookie cutters for home made dog treats—a recipe that my aunt gave me.  She took the one shaped like a bone.  But I kept these… a stick, clover, gingerbread kid, and FIRE HYDRANT! …CUTE HUH?
Ricci Craigs List 046
Anyway… I put them in that large pickle jar, on the left.
 Ricci Craigs List 047
So now… I have the ‘less is more’ LOOK.
But I don’t really have too much less. Well, unless you count all the boxed pasta, nuts, coconut, baking soda, etc;  that I emptied from their containers into jars—some are behind closed doors, some are in glass canisters.  So all in all, I think It looks way better. I will come back and work on the cupboards another day…and definitely de-clutter them.  I’m just going to enjoy my cleared counters, for now.

I’m linking this post @
Revisionary Life THRIFTY LIFE THURSDAY #1A BRAND NEW PARTY FOR thrifty shoppers to share their finds.  If you’ve not heard of it or seen it anything about it.  There is still time, go!  check it out and join up!
FJI Salvaged Junk Shelving

If the rain lets up, I can get to painting that yellow wall! How about you, have you already started putting little tick marks beside things on your list?  Or maybe a strike through?
Wishing you all the success to reach your goals this year.

Til next time, Be Blessed!

So teach us to number our days. That we may present to thee a heart of Wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12


Rhonda said...

Very smart how you got a matching lid! I think your counters look great.

Liz said...

My counters tend to get the cluttered look too! It sure doesn't take long. Love the fire hydrant cookie cutter!

Revi said...

Hi Pat, I think I might have the same aluminum canister set that I still use for the intended purpose, too! I bought them at a thrift store 30 years ago. :) How cool! Thanks for stopping by the gathering.
All the best!

White Lace and Promises said...

I love the aluminum molds in the jar! Great idea! My kitchen at one time was full of enamelware and aluminum. Now I've gone more modern and am so sad that they no longer fit with new redo. I sold them in my shop. Maybe one day I'll have a little cottage and start all over.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you'll visit me too.


Debbie Kay said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for the inspiration to get my kitchen counters organized....those are some really good ideas!



Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Lookin' good Pat! Thanks!

Leslie said...

looks good! I love when the kitchen is all organized and clean. On the outside, mine looks neat.. behind the cabinet doors is another story!! yikes. have a great weekend.

NanaDiana said...

Yep- All those little things add up, don't they? I started my tick mark by clearing junk from the basement. So far- so good. Love all your vintage things, Pat. They are so cute and I love the storage of them. Great job- xo Diana

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I clutter up my counters too and I have a massive amount of counter space. The more space, the more clutter. On top of it, I have an upper counter for the breakfast bar and that is where all the junk gets dumped ! I need to get on the ball like you did and organize, declutter and freshen up!

A Daughter of the King said...

The first thing I noticed was the jar full of measuring cups...I was thrilled when you told the behind the scenes story. Each day you are making your list it less daunting. I can't wait to see what color you choose for the kitchen.

Diane said...

Good for you! I did the same thing here on Monday. What little counter space I have kept shrinking. I agree-- a bread box is a hard item to place in a small kitchen, but I have one too. Love your wine crate/canister holder. Cool!

Connie said...

You've been a busy girl. Love that green bread box . . . you Texas girls have a real knack for country charm :) I need to do a little more decluttering to my kitchen, but my husband likes things at easy on the counter convenience. What's a girl to do, LOL

Kristina said...

Ah, I wish I had more wall space. We too cleared off counters yesterday - first day for running water and drains draining for us. A clean kitchen is truly peace of mind for myself.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I wish I had more counter space.....mine always has to have things on it, because there is no place else to put it. I try, TRY to keep it simple!! I really like an almost clear counter!! Yours is looking good!!

Audrey said...

Good job Pat ... so easy to clutter and so hard to clean it up and keep it that way. I am wanting to downsize everything but so hard after collecting all these years. I really am trying.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

My Repurposed Life said...

I have been checking off my list! :) It's such a great feeling. I have been known to write something down after I do it, just SO I can check it off! lol
I like less is more too. I have very few items on my counter tops. No need for a coffee maker, I don't have canisters, I have paper towels, knife block and utensil holder. LOVE all of them.
that being said.... I generally do have pointless clutter hanging around, but when the kitchen is clean, very little scattered around.

have a great week Patricia!