Monday, May 20, 2013

::Sunny Simple Mondays-- Tilling vs. Hugelkultur and Beds ::

In the last couple of years we've been playing around with different gardening aspects.  Years ago, we tried gardening...the tilling, the row making, the planting, the weeding, the dying, the giving up of gardening.  And give up, we did! ...until after The Honey retired.

Then we started planting again...and still we didn't know what we were doing. So we have just tried different methods to find out what works best for us.
Hugelkultur (called Hugelbeet in Scandinavian countries ) is one method we tried early on and really weren't quite sure how it would work. But I must say...this year we've decided we love that method.

Here's what happened:

This year, we tilled the hugelkultur mound under (which was a big mistake)...and planted in rows...again!  Let me just tell you... I don't like this method.  It just doesn't work for us.

After planting in our neatly tilled rows, we began to see potatoes...and corn, and every weed you can imagine.
We promptly took the boxes that had been in that garden all around the Hugelkutlur mound; and brought them up to the front yard, where basically nothing grows-- no grass, only weeds ...but mostly just a dust bowl, yes.

We started our raised bed there.  Most of the boxes were planted with compost, and manure from various places.  Those boxes were thriving...but not  enough room.

We did have the one box that NOTHING was growing in; because we KILLED IT. (story here)

So the last box...I used the Hugelkultur method of gardening...I called it lasagna gardening, but really I'm not sure that it is--there is no cardboard or fertilizer layers in this box.  Only compost and dirt.
I showed you how to do it... here

Today... this is how it looks.


These are lettuce transplants... I didn't think were going to make it.

 kind of embarrassing to show you...but they are growing now.

These are peas...planted by seed straight to ground.

There are the peas today... in the middle. 
That is more lettuce to the right of this picture and to the left ...
outside the box...the dreaded weed!

You might notice, I also put a little dollar store fence around this bed. 

It looks neater than the other fence we have around the other boxes... 

It makes it easier to clean up around the boxes...only right now my weed-eater is on the fritz...always something. 

I just used the drill and put holes all along the edge of the boxes and popped the little fence in there. 
Easy Peasy! 

This is my broccoli bed. I took this picture last week... The weather has just been too warm to grow broccoli. Had we used the Hugelkutlur bed...the broccoli would have probably thrived during the winter months.
 But instead it bolted early. Never fear though... I've recently learned you can eat the broccoli flowers... it tastes just like broccoli!  I had a few crowns to remove and once these plants are spent...the biggest part of it will go into the compost.

This is the whole reason for this post...which has ended up being pretty long...but our potato bed is doing well.

Except for the all the weeds. (which are thriving!

yes, I've weeded it and I've walked through and pulled and pulled the weeds.

Tilling, I'm certain is the reason for so many weeds.

There are a couple of brussel sprout plants that I transplanted from the DEAD DIRT...but it is too late for them to thrive and produce.

The corn, not pictured is doing pretty well...but again WEEDS EVERYWHERE.

I'm sticking with hugelkultur and raised beds.  It is the only way to grow in my opinion.
You can read about my Hugelkultur experience
 Here: How does my garden grow pt 2

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The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. ~Philippians 4:23


My Repurposed Life said...

well, my dear, it's all over my head! I've never ever grown a vegetable, and not about to start now in my flower bed!! hahahah It's NOT a vegetable bed. ;)

good luck with your gardening!


The Boston Lady said...

Pat, so glad you found a method that works for you. It looks like it is a trial and error process and you have learned a lot along the way. I look forward to the day I can perhaps try some of your techniques - all I have to do is log on to your blog and refresh my memory one day! Ann

Kristina said...

I have weeds everywhere. When we bought this place, there was not a garden. We started from scratch, where grass was. I fight weeds and rocks each year. said...

I garden with two raised beds, one with a wood frame and one just with cinderblocks. I mostly grow tomatoes, but have a few other things planted as well. I do very little weeding but must water frequently.Yesterday I used some tulle left over from my daughter's wedding to drape around my tomato cages. I clip the tulle on with clothespins. It works really well to keep the birds from pecking at my tomatoes when they get ripe.

Revi said...

I'd garden if I worked at home...and if it ever rained here! :)

Diane said...

I'm not much of a gardener myself-- my sister used to be. She swore by mulching (w/ pulled weeds). Keeps the ground moist among other things. I think that might be a Gertrude Jekyll trick. Good luck!

Sandy said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for your
kind words and prayers for my kids in OKC..
between the past two weeks of my trying to
heal and then yesterday when the kids neighborhood
was blown to bits this has been a trying time.
As you know, they survived and are well. A bit shell
shocked and I'm just heart broken for their friends
and neighbors... but OKC is strong and they will
all rebuild.. Gina sent me a photo of the Medical
Center where her baby was born just 2 months ago..
she said it made her sick to see it blown to bits..
all of 5 minutes from her home..I've not been able
to talk to her today, all the phone lines are down.
Thanks again

Leslie said...

I fight the weeds all season long.. : ( I think that we should raise our veggie garden. I have't even started it yet.. pretty bad!

Cindy said...

Wow, sometimes gardening is just too complicated! Your hugelkulter sounds interesting and simple. I am thinking I may grow some beet and turnip greens this year. My hubby and I love those and I will grown my tomatoes too. And perhaps cukes this year, too.
Have a good evening my dear!
Hugs, Cindy

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

I'm glad you finally have time to put into the gardening. It's nice to have someone do the backwork to figure out what works best. Hope your crops yield plenty! I'm sure it's rewarding when it finally works!

Stacey said...

You and you hubby win the award for tenacity. :) We've tried a couple of times and learned that veggie gardening isn't nearly as easy as it looks in pictures. We ended up with what seemed like a bazillion tomatoes and not much else. That was ok because my sons had tomato wars!! Hope you get lots of wonderful food from your garden this summer.