Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bring a Bloggin' Buddy-Celebrate!

So- On Monday, Memorial Day-- I posted my 100th post!
100 th !!!!! 
It completely took me by surprise. I just happened to be looking at some posts on my old spot and noticed the number of posts over there, 
and checked my new spot, and well-- I did the math!
100 th !!!!! 

I'm so excited that I was able to have enough content to post 100 times--- I wanted to share it with all my readers. 

So here is the deal with the title Bring a Bloggin' Buddy- and my give away.  

I like to be inspired.  I like to read new stuff--- sooooo, 
For my give away I would like for you to leave me a comment. Just say 'Howdy, Hello, how are you?'  or whatever you want--- and  leave a link to another blog that you like to read. Kind of like an introduction.   Hopefully, it is an obscure blog I've not heard of or read before(nothing, tacky---this is a G-Rated blogger friendly blog). Don't worry if I have read it or not because really, HOW YA GONNA KNOW, RIGHT?  

That will give you two chances to enter. 
  • Your comment and
  • Your introduction to me (of another blog)
As a courtesy Let your bloggin' buddy know you left their link here on my blog;  if they leave a link ---that'll just mean more people to share the fun with!  It's like Faberge Organic Shampoo--- you tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on, and so on, and so on... (except you only need to tell one) SIMPLE! This will help generate some traffic to these blogs too!  See? It's all about being bloggy friendly! 

Oh! and let's not forget the prizes! 
I'm giving away--- 
2 Planters Peanuts burlap sacks--- I came across some of these a while back and bought all they had.  I want to share these two with one of you! 

1 cup of  Boggle Sentence cubes--- I've never heard of Boggle Sentence, found this at Bargain Land -- I no longer have the box-- but thought someone might get a kick out of these cubes. 

1 crocheted dress potholder. Isn't this cute?  You don't see these around much anymore. I think the blue and pink are so cute. 

1 Texas Trailer license plate c. 1970  (rust and dents included) 

5 yds. of PINK TATTED LACE- I've watched some videos on tatting and am interested in learning this craft.  

Hanging Pocket-  it's no tassel, but it's tassel embellished  AND!!!! it's just as cute as a tassel, don't you think? For the exception of the Flag, I left it empty---just in case you'd like to put something of your own inside the pocket. 

    From my heart to your home! Just to say Thanks for faithfully reading Corn in My Coffee Pot---especially after all the time it took me to make up my mind about staying with that name or not.  Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    I'll leave it open to post until Sunday--- and I'll turn off the comments and announce the winner on Tuesday, June the 8th. -- sound good?  

    God Bless you
    Thanks for reading! 


    Coleen's Corner said...

    My goodness! What great gifts you are giving away! If I'm a lucky winner, I would TREASURE that adorable crocheted dress potholder because I'm assuming you made it (I'm soooo jealous of that talent of yours!) But the other items are awesome too! Thanks so much for this fun chance to win something special and meet new friends.

    I'd like you to visit Jane over at Mamie Janes:

    She has a lot of nice things for you to enjoy!

    gail@My Repurposed Life said...

    great giveaway! lots of wonderful goodies!
    please meet my friend Katy. She's a very talented lady.

    Kolein said...

    You are a grand blogging buddy..but you already know yourself!!!

    So congrats! Love the gifts!!

    And here is a sweet blog that makes me happy:

    Pam at Becolorful. She is the sweetest, neatest, mom, artist, fun person to hang out with (well here in cyberspace!!!) I just LOVE her!!!

    and I LOVE YOU too...."I told two friends and so on and so on...." I can see those photo squares rolling on the tv screen as I type this!!!

    Prior said...

    If you haven't been to

    You really must...I know you and I follow many of the same blogs...

    Well, Miss Thang, you know how to pile on the gifts: Love the blue jean pocket with tassel, and the license plate, so full of prior stories, to be sure. Those boggle sentence cubes or wonderful. I've never seen them either! Note to self: MUST GO TO Bargain Land.

    Well, Happy 100 and many more!
    You should go to W & T's sale on Saturday...

    Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

    I'm probably too late for the giveaway entry, (and thats ok by me) but I'd really like to introduce you to Jackie over at Granny's Place.
    She is so down to earth and wise. I would love to be just like her when I grow up!
    Hope you get to visit her, and tell her I sent you.
    Congratulations on your 100th post!

    Anonymous said...

    I see I'm the second Rose who has commented. We Roses are great gals!

    I've enjoyed your blog for several weeks now, and believe you should think about trying some serious writing. (the kind that puts a lot of money in your pocket.) You do have a beautiful way of putting down the words.

    Please include me in your drawing. I really like the lace, and admire anyone who can master it. I gave it a try and gave up.

    A blog I recently found is She's one talented young lady. Has a gorgeous home too. Keep up the good work, it's very enjoyable. Rose