Hi thanks for touring my home: I just updated this page. It's now in two parts. In order of most recent to earlier. 
Part 2-  being most current, just pictures no commentary and HEAVILY EDITED VERSION.
Part 1- Earlier and VERY wordy. If you want the Nitty-gritty, where I give you the low-down AND DIRTY...you may scroll down there and read it. 

Part 2: 


K-mantel with corrugated metal and pallet shelf 022




Bathroom floor finished 017 (14)


More to come! 

The Grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philippians 4:23


Part 1: 
Welcome to my Home--
I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to get done around here- One of them is creating a Home Tour. I dug through and found some of the best pictures I could find and believe me. I looked long and hard. These are the best I could come up with!
Front Porch- This is one of my favorite projects that I did in 2011—making my el cheapo $20 screen door look like the $89.00 one at Lowes. Screen Door Weather
projects- screen door- 035After looking at this photo—I’ve remembered that I’ve added trim to the porch and I also remembered that I’ve painted my porch rail too! I built that from an old FUTON.

screen door porch- fall decor 004
Ah! that’s better. (smile) See I DO have some good pictures!
Living Room- All these photos have been taken at various stages of re-decorating. I painted this room last year almost exactly 1 year ago at the time of this writing! I went with grey—you can see the difference in contrast to the beige-y  Yellow in this post. I like the grey.livingroom-plants-lantern-garden 5-6-11 031You see this wood burning stove right when you walk into the house. It is almost a MANDATORY focal point.G.Terry's hutch  To the left of that stove a door and then this hutch that once belonged to my Grandmother and her mother before her.  I’m so happy to have it.livingroom-plants-lantern-garden 5-6-11 027
  Here is a fine example of what I meant when I said “VARIOUS STAGES” of decorating. I own the plaid…I also own an antique settee and chair, that I hope to some day have in this room. In the mean time… I like to cover the plaid with these really pretty white coverlets. They’re the hospital style blankets and I get them for about $1 each at Bargainland.  I buy them up!Summer livingroom 004
Front Bedroom:  This bedroom is right off the living room, to the left when you walk in the door.  I hope to make this bedroom more comfortable for guests and as you can see in this picture a sewing table; this is the only place to do any crafts, sewing, etc.around the house and home 253
These are my ‘Frankenshelves’ They are pretty much covered up with books now AND! THEY HAVE YET TO BE TRIMMED OR PAINTED. This would be the perfect project for DIY Chalk paint, don’t you think?  I also think it would be The perfect place to ‘house’ sewing and craft items.  We’ll see?
Kitchen- after the  living room—you go into the kitchen.lil dresser corner 1  These are little bits and pieces of my kitchen. It’s REALLY A WORK IN PROGRESS. I keep table clothes, aprons and napkins in this little chest O’drawerstwo baskets 2This little corner is my coffee corner and I took these pictures when I added this stainless steel table to my kitchen and moved my stove 8” CLOSER to this table. It’s amazing what a difference 8”   will make in the foot path of your kitchen. I don’t have to walk so far…the work triangle is so much more efficient now~  Kitchen wallpaper- Cutlery 015Ok, this is roughly the same corner now – showing the textured faux tin wallpaper as a backsplash. I painted it and rubbed it with a paint called ‘FIRED STEEL’ … I don’t care for the blue-grey base coat. It will be repainted. Just last week…Honey informed me that we’re probably going to take out the kitchen cupboard (LOWER) this year and replace.  We’ll definitely see about that. I’d love to see something different along that wall.
Kitchen wallpaper- Cutlery 020Thanksgiving week I made this ‘Cutlery’ Caddy from a piece of pallet I cut with the sawz-all! I also painted this little sign myselfcorrugated metal backsplash
My stove! I love my stove it’s a Chamber’s Range
and lastly—Our Farm Table we have an “Eat in” kitchen (no formal dining).
Middle Bedroom: Soon to be Den! 
You may click on that link to see inspiration photos~~This room is right off the kitchen. We had thought that after the kids moved out… we’d make this a formal dining room. But we’d only use it on occasion then and we wanted something we could use everyday.middle bedroom before den 002It has a door leading outside to a side porch daybed  This is the 2 twin beds turned day bed. I have it with the  blue here; but I think I prefer green.  Green happens to be my favorite color I don’t have much of it in my home. But since this is going to be my hang out space I think Green will be perfect!middle bedroom before den 019This room also has THIS! It’s a MESS I KNOW!  I EVEN HATE TO SHOW IT. But you’ve seen everything else right? so why not? It looks really similar to … my Utility room in January of 2010. I have NO CLUE WHAT …in the world?!?!   This is one of those things that will hopefully change…in 2012!middle bedroom before den 020
 Our bedroom, the smallest room in the house. (besides the bathroom) You can read about it here- see some before pictures and know that it ALSO needs tweaking now.

This room has no closet…and these chest O’drawers are still UNpainted?!?!!!
Master bdroom Jan2012 003
This is our bedroom today with the winter comforter on the bed …without the window a/c and the sun is shining through the lace.  I like this look, very simple and relaxing. It will stay this way for now. I probably won’t be touching this room much …as you can see other rooms need far more work!
Bathroom-  *update : It is Finished 
I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on my bathroom before. But these are couple of pictures I found – just to give you an idea. I recently did show you this curtain – I think. I made the rod with a piece of cedar and the used a runner. I wanted to add a little softness in there. bathroom window MIStreatments 008
  I needs to be  repainted completely and I’ll be doing away with the COLA theme too.bathroom-before 003
This may be my room re-do that I’ll do for the Picture Perfect Room over at Donna FJI… upcoming party.  
We’ll see!
Utility Room-
The last and final room is my utility room
I once a very long time ago…participated in a Work Shop Series  and I’d like to say that it still looks like this… But NO.

This part still looks ‘somewhat’ similar…that shelf over the washer dryer is gone now… and the exception  of a new washing machine.Otherwise…it is more like a mud room it has an outside entrance and we still use it to work from when doing a project…It gets abused!spot remover-comforter 018
Well, that’s it I’ve shown you everything there is to see for the exception of the dirty laundry …and well, I’ve shown you that too! This isn’t all of our home…but bits and pieces of it.
I hope to some day have picture perfect rooms. When I do … I’ll repost and update this post (or perhaps make a page for sure).
Was it embarrassing showing you some of these photos?
To a degree yes.
But …if you read my Home Goals 2012 post then you know; part of my goal was to have contentment in my home.
Was it painful for you to read? For some of you…yes, probably.
But, I’m O KAY with THAT.
The thing is… I can’t look at your homes and know for sure if your content either. We’re all at different avenues in our walk.  All I can do is be content  that I have a home, know my limitations and abilities and make the very best of it!
That’s it…thanks for taking the Cruise around the Cottage…
God Bless you and Thanks for Reading!


Country Mama said...

Phew--thanks--sooo nice to see someone else with a home that is a work in progress! It made me feel better. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love your home, I can not wait to take photos of our new house we we get it closed on :) Pray Friday

Patty Sumner said...

I love the old window with the crosses......You home looks so warm and inviting..just like your attitude in your blog...sweet! Blessings to youand your home!

Cecilia said...

Pat, your home is charming...mine will always be a work in progress and will never look like a magazine layout unless I clean a spot and only photograph that. We live in our homes and I love that yours shows that. By the way, I love the old window with the crosses. It caught my eye right away.

Cecilia said...

Pat, I love your sweet home. I see so many wonderful touches - the beautiful old window with the crosses, the chair bench, and so much more! I think most of us have a house in progress...I'm constantly redoing something! And now with two places, the list is longer. Yikes!
Anyway, you've inspired me. Thanks for sharing your cozy home.