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Corn In My Coffee~Pot 

It's a Personal blog about living a frugal, yet full life, using the resources that God has given us to manage and maintain our little house in the country, while being retired and having a fixed income. You may read the reason behind the name here at "Corn in my coffee pot-frugal living post"    or just skip it and read why after all these years I'm still blogging. (here)
While I am no expert; some of the things I blog about are our experiences with basic homesteading skills.  I've been living this way a long time and am continuing to learn (especially, now that we are retired-empty-nesters) money saving strategies in the kitchen, garden, workshop,decorating and day to day task of keeping our home. 

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Corn in My Coffee-Pot.
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"The grace of the LORD Jesus Christ be with your spirit." 
~Philippians 4:23