Saturday, December 18, 2010

Message Central~

This is the little area in my house where my message board hangs-- 
pay no attention to two shades of paint-- it's an unfinished paint job of course! (no, need to ask 'Cause I'll tell ya!) 

ON it hangs a calendar; MENUS and IMPORTANT NUMBERS are in the page protector hanging there- for quick access! 
And things I don't want lost~ until I can get them filed away like: warranties or receipts. 
This area is going to get the finishing touches of paint hopefully this weekend. 

In the mean time-- I've been looking at options on how to cover the switches and plugs! 
They're unsightly. 

I like this idea--- A LOT! 
I know you've seen this it's Donna's kitchen switch plate  and cord cover idea--- you see the whole post here.
The cupboard is actually a 'dry sink'

-- saved from the garbage YEARS. AGO. 
I found a basket that fits perfectly-- and it has "over flow" in it right now.  Personal phone book- flash light- small extension cord~~ TOO MUCH TO MENTION~~  etc!  

The bulletin/cork board was destined to the garbage too-- and was damaged and peeling in some places. 
I covered it with some extra fabric- and stenciled " MESSAGES..." onto some burlap and fastened it with upholstery tacks through the center of some washers. 

 Cute enough.

This was a fun little project- and it is something I use all the time, not to mention one of the best kinds of projects to do---FREE! 

I'm linking it to FJI-- SNS

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading! 

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Laurie at Turner Farm said...

Always love some burlap and stencil on the burlap is a definite. Great use of items that were destined to be thrown away. Stopping by from FJI-SNS