Thursday, December 2, 2010

Warning! this post full of interjections

Man! If it's not one thing ...
it's another!

I just get new internet service and...BLAST!  
I never saw it coming.  
My pc is on the fritz!

I had to take it in that is the reason for no posts the last few days 
or for the next few days ,Ugh! 

Right now I'm at my youngest dd house--
Hopefully, I'll have it back MONDAY????!!! 

Really?! Are you kidding me?  
(that is what I said, only nicer...when the sweet people at the PC Doctor told me this horrible news) 

At least they didn't give me ALL BAD NEWS... 
my hard-drive is still under warranty 
so there is no cost for replacement, only labor, and new memory stick! 

That's all for now-- 

I'll be seeing y'all--

God bless you 
and Thanks for Reading!


Prior said...

Oh, Man!
Hope you can come to the tour! I will be at the admin building all day.

Kolein said...


I'm missing you again! Can't wait til your back and all set to go!!!!