Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ever Have One of Those Days: That burning feeling

When you just have the burning feeling...

 It is so beautiful outside ~ you just can't stay inside... 

60 degree weather with no wind hardly to speak of... so it FEELS like it's ACTUALLY 60 and not some crazy wind-chill number... ( I still don't get the whole wind-chill factor thing!) 
This rusty ol' building is our barn. This tWIgGy tree is our FIG TREE... HUGE FIGS ON THIS THING COME THE END OF SPRING....  I love 'em. So do the bats. We've had bats in our barn because of this tree! I eat 'em right off the tree while picking.(the FIGS not the BATS)  This tree is the reason I want one of those fancy-schmancy dehydrator thingies...

Look it has buds on it already! 

This is our lil' helper and budding photographer!   She stays with us every day. I can't believe she is getting so big~ she'll be 2 in March! 
The dog is Gracie-- our Scardy-dog.  The only person on the planet that she ALLOWS to get this close~~ 
Our Lil'helper- Aubree 

This is Aubree-- helping stretch out the hose. Earlier she helped me to hang and then remove that basket of laundry (on the ground between those two trees-) to and from the clothesline. 
What can I say- cheap labor. 
She works for hugs and kisses! 

Today was a perfect day to burn one of our ever growing brush piles. 
It's an accumulation of brush that Honey has cleared away from the fence and low branches that make it difficult to mow under the trees and junk that just won't go into our compost bin... 
the pile of brush was HUGE!

Remember that fire I showed you at the beginning...? 
That wasn't me having a 'FLASHY- MOMENT' 
 although I did work up a good sweat. 
That fire took all of about 8 1/2 minutes to burn to nothing! 
See the FIRST RESPONDER TRUCK? Volunteer Fire Dept.  gotta love 'em! 
Somebody reported a grass fire.  Heh... 
OH, yeah!  
Getting a second look. Making sure we had it under control. 
 If  He'd been here just a handful of minutes sooner...

 He might not of thought so! 
Not to worry ... that shadow of a man to the left of the screen
is Honey to the rescue. He actually does have a hose in hands!

I didn't get pictures cause it got dark; but while the last of the fire was burning out
Aubree and I roasted marshmallows. 
Well mine were ROASTED. It was so HOT Honey had to do it for us-- 
his were more like Marshmallows Flam-be!! 

Then Weston and Easton came over and brought their Mommy and Daddy ~~ and I don't get it...
none of these kiddos liked black Marshmallows! 

It was a good day. 

God Bless you 
Thanks for reading!!


Granny said...

Little Aubree is adorable. Will the fire destroy everything or will the grass grow back in that spot this spring? I'm envious of your warm weather. We're still having below freezing temps every day!

I haven't forgotten about sending you a bag. I'll let you know when to start looking for it. :)

shannon i olson said...

well I am so jealous of 60 degrees and an outdoor fire. Perhaps I could set the snow on fire here.
Cute little one, looks like a fun day you had.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Granny asked about the grass growing back, this is my answer to that.

As for the burned out area in the field...yes the grass will/should grow back this season (spring)
We have such mild winters here that alot of times farmers and ranchers set the fields on fire on purpose to help rid them of pest and things... Controlled Burns...that is what they are called. It helps the rye come in better and the grasses that the cows and horses graze on . I should probably post this in the comments for all concerned... no living trees burned in our fire! ha!
IT is supposed to be 72 degrees today-- I've got the windows open and airing the house out and more laundry that I'm hanging out to dry!

God Bless You-

Kolein said...

I LOVE black marshmallows. They are the ONLY kind I will eat!

Cool day. Well. Not cool, cool. You get it!

Sweet little helper, too!


The Boston Lady said...

Oh but the black ones are the best! What a good helper you have not to mention adorable! Glad the FD didn't have to "take you in"! Stay warm! Ann

Prior said...

lovin' this weather...Your Aubree is a doll, too! Glad the fire stayed under control!

Southerner said...

Hi, you asked about gardening sites and about zones. You can google gardening zones to find out what zone you are in. I also like to look at the extention office website for my state and it tells when I can plant what vegetables. I love square foot gardening and a good site is Tim's Square Foot Garden. I look back at his previous year's growing cycles for ideas.

Coleen's Corner said...

Oh what a beautiful sight! I can't wait for the weather to turn so we can get out and burn... "campfirin'" is what my grandsons call it. They beg for it when they're here. What an adorable little girl you have there. What a blessing to be able to be with her every day.