Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ever Have one of those Days: The Pits

...and you feel like life is the PITS?
Well, I've NOT been feeling myself lately. 
I'm suffering from ANEMIA- if you've ever been anemic well then you know how it is. 
It's the PITS! 
These are my AVOCADO PITS that I'm sprouting.  
I hope to do a post on this sometime soon. 
But I wake up to these little things everyday; and look at them, just to see how they're coming along. 
I'm impatient. 
All of this is happening ,when you're searching already ,for what it is you need to be doing with your life.  What is the best way to go about your daily life...and what on earth are you going to blog about????

I recently have had lots of time on my hands...just resting mainly. Trying to feel better. (Researching Holistic Healing) When you have time on your hands... you have time to sit and think.  
***It has occurred to me... 
I don't keep house the way some do. 

No this is NOT my house--- it is the 100 plus year old barn out back... 
but... If I don't start feeling well soon my house may start looking like this! 

What I mean is -- I don't do trendy. I  HARDLY EVER DO NEW!  (and if I do, it is at the very best price I can find). What it means is-- I like to grow my food.  Make my own laundry soap. Use the furniture I have. Make my home lovely in an old fashioned simple kind of way. Remake an old pair of jeans into a nice garden or painters  apron instead of tossing them to the garbage. 

***It has also occurred to me... 

I like doing things the old fashioned way. 
I cook on a stove very similar to this one.(its in the header at top)  
NOTE: This one was actually my Grandmother's ~ as you know there has been a sudden surge of items to my household that were previously owned by my family. This one will be cleaned up and made to work properly and sold to the highest bidder. 
Daddy wants to sell it.  

I like homemade bread, homemade soap,and home-cooked meals and holistic medicine. I like flowers. 
...and I like rust. 

See that?  The red rusty "T" post for the fence there in amongst the flowers?  
I like that! 

I guess if you've read all this way-- then I'll tell ya.  I'm turning a corner in the blog world of mine. Because, I've finally discovered I'm not a trendy, pretty as you please, check out this new -whatcha ma callit kind of blogger. 
I'm more of a homesteading, using what I have, check -out-how- I- finagled -this! Kind of blogger! 
I'm living on the cheap.  I've got a few ideas, and few suggestions. I do nothing the same way twice -normally. 
and I do nothing on a professional level.  I'm just guessing here folks. 

Do I like Pretty, yes! I love pretty. 
But I have to come by it ANY way I can... PRETTY (what most call pretty) doesn't flow naturally for me. 
It's always a work in progress.   
These types of things must be in the air or something I read Donna's (FJI) blog today... and She gave a list of how she deals with thoughts, feelings, stress.  I'm taking her advice and 

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 1:3-6 

I'm a work in progress!
God bless you and Thanks for reading! 


Coleen's Corner said...

Ah - the joys of contemplation. It's always a good idea to sit and relax and take a look at our lives and ourselves and learn what trips our triggers and makes us tick. I'm like you. I live on the cheap and would rather be unique than a lemming. I'm inspired by others, for sure, but I'm generally content with I have to work with and don't fret much about not having what others have. Thanks for sharing your "inside scoop" it's something we should all do from time to time!

Granny said...

I have never been trendy and at my age I doubt I'll ever change. I love that Chambers range and hope someone who really will appreciate it buys it. I asked Grampy if we could come look at it and he said yes. Then I told him where it is. lol

Faith said...

Good morning, thanks for stopping over to my place to chit chat..I hope you'll stop again. Not a trendy, I suppose there was a time in my life when I wanted to be like someone I am happy to be me, even if they think making my own laundry soap, crocheting, canning, or hanging the laundry, is not what everybody else wants to do..and thinks I'm weird for doing it.

Prior said...

I'm getting too old to be anyone but me, lol. Anyway, this is how God made us...and if we let that part shine, there's the beauty!