Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets~

Well, I haven't been blogging here too much this last couple of days-- and here is why-- 

We bought a trailer-- and went right to work on it! 

I thought I'd share with you some of the items we found inside-- 

Couple of foreign coins-- the one on the left I think is Mexican says 50 cents on one side and an Ugly bird with a snake in its talon on the other-- the one on the right-- 10 pfennig from West Germany 1950 
So that was cool. 

The next picture was a surprise for us- though I don't know why, but it just was. 

 Yes!  it is a tiny baggy. 
Shock of ALL SHOCKERS!!!! 
Somebody was doing METH in our trailer!  (well, it wasn't ours at the time-- ) 

This is why you don't do meth folks... 
because it reduces all your worldly possessions to a pile of rubble! 

This is a smattering of belongings left over from the Meth Trailer-- Some love letters that are TOO RISQ`UE  to share with you here at Corn in My Coffee Pot (or ANYWHERE FOR THAT MATTER!)
-- I am AFTER ALL a 'G' rated blogger; A pyrex bowl, a plate, SCARY LOOKING FORK! YES...
And Court Documents;  revoking someones probation--- cause SOMEBODY couldn't follow the rules set forth after they already broke the LAW! Hmmm... I wonder why?

YES! UH, HUH...  that's why you don't do METH. 

So this blogger has been cleaning and building and work, work, working on our little Tin-Can -- 
for all the newsworthy DIRT on our PROGRESS... check out my new blog by clicking the picture below! 

I hope to see you there in the -now-drug-free- camper- Trailer. 

This concludes my sloppy attempt at a Drug Awareness Campaign! 
I hope to be blogging more here in the next few: I've got several different things in the works to share with you-- NOT CAMPER RELATED. I'll see you soon! 



Granny said...

After managing apartments for ten years, nothing surprises me about people.

Prior said...

Some "Prior Lives" aren't so happy, especially around "Speeder" Creek Lake. It is always an opportunity to pray for unknown people and situations and you are so right, it does reduce lives to rubble.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

This is sad but true.
Thanks for the gentle reminder.


Kolein said...

OK, how in the world would you know that was used for meth? I'd be thinking, if I found such a small 'zip lock' bag, nonetheless, "Wonder what tiny crafty thing fit into this little baggie??"

Of course, the court documents would have led me to think other things!

Glad you're cleaning the place up!! And you spared us the vermin droppings!


Coleen's Corner said...

Now I hope you find that stash of cash they forgot!

Anonymous said...

Pat, I'm glad it is in your hands now to bring out that last bit of love it still have to give. I hate to think of what that camper has been through. I am loving this project of yours. It's so much fun to live vicariously through you on this camper renovation!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Ooh, a camper, how fun! Hope it's not too hard to get it clean and usable again. Meth? I thought that was for recovering heroin addicts, or am I way out of the loop? Don't answer that!