Saturday, October 6, 2012

:: A Favorite Thing- Treasure Boxes::

I've been sporadic in my posts this week... haven't posted a lot.  

I started feeling bad last Friday and was feeling under the weather until about Wednesday of this week. 

I had a couple of posts in draft-- and was able to tweak those a little bit and get them up...did some visiting and now... I need to answer emails and comments.  I hope to get around to those before the weekend's out. 

---- Once I started feeling better  I decided to work in my bedroom. Going through some things in there.  Getting some crocheting and threads organized. We live in a small house-- so I try to utilize what I can for storage. 

As we don't have very many closets in this house. THREE. We have 3 closets. Not including the Hot Water closet...Oooo! that reminds me...while digging through the picnic basket; I found a photo of our bathroom before we built the closet or the linen closet or moved any of the was very raw!  If I find the rest of them I'll have to scan them and post them. Our bathroom has come so far really! 
I also found picture of our bedroom before I ever painted in there... side tracked there... sorry. 

I was taking stock I guess of my treasure boxes. 
So I thought I'd show them to you for 'A Favorite Thing Saturday' 

I love boxes of all sizes.  These are on the dresser in my room. 
Some hold jewelry...the white one and the black one. 
The two wood ones... hold fishing tackle. Yes... right there on my dresser. 
The darker wood holds Reels...Honey has a few of them. 
The lighter colored box...holds some lures ...still in the packages. But they're right there when ever he needs them. 
Hidden in plain sight.  :) 

I've shown these next boxes before. But I love them... 
They hold little trinkets I like to call them. 
One of them has... (you make think this is weird) teeth. 
I know... 

The littlest one on top was a gift from my dad when I turned 16 he and my chose it for me and there was a beautiful little ruby ring inside. Which I still have...though it won't fit my FAT FINGERS! 

And...there are the odd pictures in some of the boxes. Some of them are empty...waiting to be filled with treasures! 

After I bought the big green picnic basket, last week...I took it straight to my room. I was going to put it in my room for storing crochet threads...I was so surprised to find it was BIGGER than the one I already had!  I used it instead for blankets...because it's that big.

Anyway- I started looking through the original some treasures.. I found this poem I had saved (along with the photos I already told you about). It's from my mom...a TRUE treasure; years ago...  (she didn't write it, she only shared) 

I thought I'd share it with you. :) 

Do not ask to have your life's load lightened;
But for courage to Endure.

Do not ask for fulfillment in all your life. 

But for patience to accept frustration.

Do not ask for perfection in all you do,

But for the wisdom not to repeat mistakes.

And finally, do not ask for more. 

Before saying "Thank You"
for what you have already received.

Brenda Scott

Like I said...Not much closet space...little boxes and baskets are great for storing things. One of my favorite things are boxes. 

Pop on over to Claudia's and see what other's are talking about...their favorite things.


Oh give thanks to the LORD for He is good; His loving kindness is everlasting.
 ~Psalm 107:1



Homesteading wife said...

Some of the boxes might be pretty with a decorative piece of scrapbook paper modpodged on.

Claudia said...

I love all your boxes, Pat. Different sizes, stacked and holding all sorts of treasures. The picnic baskets are wonderful. I hear you about storage space - we have 3 closets, too! Never enough space around here and sometimes I go a little crazy trying to figure out where to put things!

I hope you're feeling better! Thanks so much for joining in this week!


Pamela said...

I love boxes, too. I went through all of mine this summer. So many precious memories, organized my ribbon one, cards in another. Sounds like yours--only no tackle or reels. My husbands are full of sheet music and books!

Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

Who wouldn't love a great treasure chest...of any size! Love them...I have a thing about them and so useful to fill with things!

Babajeza said...

The poem is wonderful. Have a nice Sunday. Regula

Diane said...

The boxes stacked on the white shelf are really cool-- great look.

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

You have a great collection of boxes! And I love the poem--so true!

Have a great day.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I also love boxes for storing things! Your collection is awesome. I need a few picnic baskets now! Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

I love having boxes around for storing extra things too and you have yours arranged so nicely Pat! But this post inspires me to do one at Dandelion House about my addition to armouirs. I have a 'thing ' for them! LOL Hey, they are perfect for storing smaller boxes and bins!

Anonymous said...

Great boxes. I love that one holds baby teeth. My dad saved our baby teeth, so I thought that was normal. So I saved my daughter's and people think it's....creepy??! What's up with that?

Kelley said...

I love that you treasure the memories that are inspired by the boxes. Such a blessing!

Haworth said...

Your treasure boxes are so lovely, Pat. I like that they're all so different and have different "jobs" to do and hold separate memories for you.