Sunday, November 4, 2012

:: Being Connected ::

I have had this computer for such a long time. In fact... it's not the same computer it was when I bought it! 
Oh,the outside is the same ol' green machine.(you know I love green) But the insides have been replaced, upgraded, improved-- ripped out and replaced again.

As my brother (and PC- Go- to- Guy) is fond of quoting 
...and they used to say on the old 'Six Million Dollar Man ' series... 
(old computer picture...nothing much has changed on the outside) 

 Gentlemen, we can rebuild him  IT. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man  COMPUTER. Steve Austin THE GREEN MACHINE will be that man COMPUTER. Better than he IT was before. Better, stronger, faster. 

My brother came out today and did just that...AND NOW... It's better, stronger and faster. 
YES! while the world of personal computers are experiencing what is WINDOWS 8...I am happy and OH SO GRATEFUL sitting here, typing away on my faithful (and green) computer with newly installed Windows 7 ultimate! 
(there was an added bonus too-- he hooked up a wireless router for me!) 
That is going to make a lot of people happy that come here to visit (ie: my kids! and more importantly THE HONEY) 

Apparently, if you have a smart phone, you can get on the internet with Wi-fi and not use your data plan and SAVE MONEY...WHO KNEW? 

But even more so than that... I was glad to get to spend time with my brother...while he worked his magic on MY PC! 
Of course we had to make a run to town for some computer gear... and some Cheeseburgers-- because all that rebuilding a BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER computer makes a person hungry! 

I'll be spending the next few weeks I'm sure...learning the ins and outs of this new system! 

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** Thanks for the mention and hi-light Claudia! :) 

*************Thinking about what someone else said on their blog-- regarding the recent events on the East Coast...So many are doing without right now. These are some of my thoughts. 
I don't want to take anything or ANYONE for granted. I don't want to be ungrateful for one breath taking moment. I certainly don't want to be petty. While happy to have my computer--my time with my family today and BEING CONNECTED to them was AND IS what was cherished the most. ***************

Please remember to pray for those out East who have lost so much. 

Oh give thanks to the LORD for He is good; 
His loving kindness is everlasting. 
~Psalm 107:1


Kristina said...

Glad you have your computer upgraded and working well.

I too worry about that people on the East Coast (more East than we are) and pray for them.

Claudia said...

That's one gorgeous green machine! It sounds like your brother is a whiz at these things and how nice for you!

Thanks so much for joining in this week!


Diane said...

How nice to have a computer whiz in the family!! Enjoy your "machine!"

Angel said...

I love Windows 7. You will too. Yay for brothers!!!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Cool! It's so nice to get an upgrade every once in a while :) Enjoy!

Sunny Simple Life said...

We are always behind the times on electronics too. I am just not that into them. Money always has had to go other places. I think it is "green" to keep what you have working longer right? Glad you are well. We have been so busy and then with no power all day yesterday. Glad to have it back. Enjoy your Sunday.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

How lovely to have your very own tech person! I think I have windows XP on my desktop - my laptop is new and has the latest everything and is so fast and zippy. Enjoy your "new" computer!

Cindy said...

Yes, I have been praying for those out East, too. God bless them.
Hugs, Cindy

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

woohoo for the new (old) computer! I love windows 7, I can't imagine why I would need 8. lol

hope you're having a great weekend!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Stopped by from Sunny Simple. Your green computer is one of a kind and very cool!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to have a computer fix it guy in the family!
I am so grateful to have been spared Sandy's destruction. I have relatives on Long Island who were not so fortunate.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

What a happy day when you can get it done more efficiently. Enjoy the blessings of human achievement! So glad you have a brother with the gift of tech and that you got to enjoy some time together!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I wish I had a brother that was a computer whiz....Tell your brother if he helps me I will feed him steak, not some cheep cheeseburgers LOL Enjoy working at lightening speed!


Debby said...

Hi. How have I missed your cute blog. Thanks for your comment. I now know what I should have done....reported it but kept it in my hands. I didn't want to belittle the police station by the way they acted but it bothers me when people dealing with people act that way. Surprising that the woman came forward so soon. That's what i expected. I do think that who lost the money I found didn't know it was gone for awhile. What a great lesson for your daughter. Now you can tell her my story. Thanks for sharing.

The Boston Lady said...

Pat, must we refer to you as the Bionic Woman now? Or do your prefer The Incredible Hulk in deference to your green-love? How wonderful to have your brother come and bring your old-reliable, up to date! We've all become a bit spoiled with our creature comforts, which for some reason we seem (me especially included) to feel dependent upon. I like what you said about those going through such a hard time in the Northeast and we should all have them in our thoughts and prayers and send a little extra their way if we can. Most of us at one time or another have been through very difficult times and know what it means to go without. It's when you learn what really matters.... Ann

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

It was a double meat cheeseburger... LOL!

Haworth said...

Congratulations on your "new" and improved computer, Pat! And that color green is just the best!? I've never seen a drive that color before. It looks like a sports car -- which is how your new machine must be feeling these days. Lucky you! :)