Thursday, May 21, 2015

Derailed: I Forgot to Title this Post

I have a limited knowledge of computers. I’m either self-taught or tutored by my brother or my oldest son.  Usually, by phone.

tech support

It’s like tech support for me.  My Tech (brother in this instance)—pocket dialed me during the texting session. I SAID HELLO… a ton of times, before finally hanging up the call. Then I text him my complaint. 
He’s a smarty pants!

After that day… I ordered my SATA drive. It took almost a week to get here—I wasn’t in a hurry; but remained in a state of ANTICIPATION!
Fast forward to yesterday, I’m taking it slow and easy. I decided to make some alterations to a few shirts I had saved from an earlier decluttering session… back in January.

When the post-man (a loose term for sure…the post-man is a woman, my son-in-law’s Mother… AND we share grand-kids!) … de-railed my sewing.

imageI was totally surprised…a day early! 

The only thing early around here …is babies!
gratuitous baby photo

I decided, I’d wait until after the Littles left for the day—It was going to be hard, PROLONGING THE INSTALLATION.
Everyone was gone—then at precisely 7:54 PM—I KNOW, because I was about to have a sandwich and sit down to make some progress on the new computer!—But instead, this happened…


Not a bit of rain,
No lightening,
No thunder…
No electricity.
For an hour and a half!
…derailed my computer plans.


It grew dark.  I scrounged for candles… because mine were either packed away or donated. I found OIL!
We took turns getting our showers… and readied ourselves for bed. I was exhausted.
Then the lights came on--


I want to thank my Tech-Supporters, for guiding me and directing me early on—in making the right purchase. As for blogging… they’re useless. I spent the better part of today—LEARNING AS I GO!  

I got this!  I got the anti-virus and malware hardware downloaded, as well as Live Writer!
I’m happy to say, I wrote this post today, on the new pc.

When it rains it pours.  When it doesn’t rain and the power goes out… well, that’s such a nuisance!  I’m so impatient.

‘Til next time
be blessed. (and somewhat productive in your day) Winking smile 

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NanaDiana said...

I smiled all the way through this- LOVE your brother's sense of humor! Glad you got your computer up and running and it is working okay. That is always a gulp/chore! Good job, Pat!!!! xo Diana

Laura said...

Oh my gosh-
I am laughing out loud!

I'm glad your computer is operational.

Now if someone could help me with my email problem when I comment. Ugh.

Great post-as usual!

Shug said...

I a self taught ( want-to-be ) tech savvy computer wiz. I'm coming up short somewhere.
It's nice to have someone in the family that can help....
Glad you got it all going..

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Ha ha! I am not techy at all (I need an I.T. Help Desk like at work). Our power goes out all the time. We still have above ground wires and the line we are on is a smaller one which is very sensitive. Being a smaller line, we are not the first to be restored so I have my emergency supplies and a plan on how to get ready for work if there is no power, which means also no water since we have a well! Our office is splitting and I'm going to a new building which puts a kink in the plan. Our old office had a single shower in two dressing rooms- mens and a women's. I'm sure the new building will not since we will share it with other tenants.

Michelle H said...

Oh, my goodness, you're brother is funny, I love it. My husband is my I.T. guy. I am sometimes surprised at myself, and how lazy I've gotten at figuring that stuff out, when I can just get hubby to do it...or my 12 year old son. He's one of those kids who instinctively knows how to figure that stuff out. What a rotten time for the power to go out, haha. We were out last week for several hours, a transformer down the road blew. Boy, did my geeky kids have fun with that (cause, you know...Transformers, *smirk*). We had a pretty good hurricane in '07, which knocked the power our locally for a week. Somehow our tiny chunk of street was missed in repairs, so our four neighbors and us were out for a week and a half. We generally love being without power (except for missing blogs!), but that was December and it got dark EARLY!!! Whew. I'm glad you're all fixed and up and running!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So funny, Pat! Life just goes at it's own pace, doesn't it?

The Rusty Thimble said...

OH I am so glad I stopped by your blog in my what seems to be allowed hour on line :) !! my days for weeks now LOL, have been basically the same as this was for you. just rain this morning, HEAVY rain no lightening no thunder no wind, and still no internet, it starts storming and my internet comes on !! Have a great weekend

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Hi Laura... Thank you for the sweet comment. Glad I had you laughing.
Now, I'm curious about this email problem of yours. I read about it on your blog!
See? I'm having a situation here. I have some that comment here and I never get a notification. I'm wondering if it's the same ones that are having email problems.
Now I'm just taking a survey!
... let me know if you get this in your email. Thanks!

The Boston Lady said...

I can relate to this for sure. I'm a learn as I go girl myself and often get those snarky/funny responses as well. I'm always impatient with the tech world but it sure has changed my life! Ann

A Daughter of the King said...


My Repurposed Life said...

yay for new computer and windows live writer! Were you already using it on the old computer? I write ALL of my posts there. LOVE it!

oh my! sorry about the power.... I guess those things just happen.