Thursday, June 11, 2015

1 year has passed- Progress Report


Today marks 1 year—that I was given a T2-Diabetes diagnosis; an anniversary, not really worth celebrating.

Except, I’m still here! 

I’ve come a long way and I’ve learned a lot about myself and this disease.  I’m still not where I want to be along this road to better health.

I’ve analyzed the heck out of food, food labels, food substitutes and creative food. You could probably say, “I’ve obsessed over the food.”   That sounds terrible—but I love food!

I’ve changed the way I eat too.  Not meaning the food, exactly; but the time of day, the portion sizes, the amount of meals or snacks.  I’m not a SCIENTIFIC type of person. 

type 2 diabetes


Diabetes, food, exercise, water, sleep, carbs, schedules—all of it. SCIENCE.

It makes my fuzzy little head spin sometimes.  I’ve still not figured out the body signals.  I think it’s low, because I have a head ache, and want to lie down. No… I check it. It’s high.

I think it’s high… I have an upset stomach, and don’t feel like eating ANYTHING.  No… it’s low.  When I think I have it figured out—it’s the opposite of what I think.

Just this week—I thought, it was the Menopause creating my night sweats and sleeping problems. I’ve been waking during the night, feeling very jittery, wobble-legged, and mostly hungry; like I’m starving.   I checked my blood sugar. It was pretty low, for me. In the middle of the night. WHY?

I did some research… and found out about something called SOMOGYI EFFECT or DAWN PHENOMENON.  

Never heard of this. It’s on the list of things to talk to my doctor about this month. Basically, I have highs in the morning, that are brought on by unusual lows during the night time (sleep hours).

Then of course—there is the pricking of my fingers. I’m trying not to over do it. Just checking in the morning. But with the crazy lows over night—I’ve been checking. I’m sick of doing that!  I absolutely hate it.

Lastly, with all this—it keeps me busy. Along with my normal day to day living, care giving, all the normal things that I do, things you do… but here’s what I know—I know with all the activity IT isn’t EXERCISE.

I started out like gang busters a year ago.  At first I would swim. That happened about 4 months. Then I began walking, inside with a dvd. To be honest with you, I DON’T LIKE EXERCISE.  I know the importance of it. Boy do I! Activity does not equal EXERCISE. Deliberate out and out exercise. A true work out.

My goal still—is to get off this medication.  I don’t want to take it. The only way to do this … will be making myself exercise, continuing to exercise and making a lifestyle of exercise.

I said this before. Diabetes is the one disease that is effected and controlled directly by the patient that has it.  If I want to get better—and stay well, and live to a ripe old age (I’m speaking about Diabetes only) I have to take care of myself.

I’ve made it a year. So far, so good. There is still room for improvement—in so many areas. 

Tell me what are ways you deal with obstacles?  How do you make changes?  How do you deal with successes and failures on the road to healthy living? Not just healthy living; but any goals!  Be a doll and share your thoughts and ideas with me. 

I’m open for suggestions! Winking smile 

‘Til next time, be blessed and count your blessings!



Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I worked with a woman who has a husband with diabetes. He sometimes gets very low in the night to the point where she had to rush to the kitchen and get a sugared soda for him to drink. Make sure a couple of people know what to do if you can't take care of yourself! Maybe you can take up walking rather than normal exercises. You could listen to books on tape or there is a walking program on tape, or learn another language. I hate exercise too. I like it when I went to the Y but at home, even with similar equipment, I don't enjoy it much.

20 North Ora said...

Congratulations on the one year anniversary. Lots to deal with.


Debbie said...

Well congratulations on making it to one year! That's great. I haven't much knowledge about diabetes but I do know I hate exercising too and I'm supposed to be doing it because of my COPD. I live alone and my diet is lousy as well. Keep hanging in there and you'll beat this!!

janie said...

You probably already may have tried this....have something with protein and fat before going to bed. Perhaps a tiny glass of milk and some peanut butter on a cracker or rice cake?

Good luck, Janie

Shug said...

I is the person who has the diabetes that has the ability to control much of it.
Grandson 2 has Type 1 and he is only 16 years old. A VERY DIFFICULT thing for a teenager to have. Has had it a year and he just now is figuring out how to control the headache thing, the exhaustion thing.....and what he must do to feel good. I pray for a cure!!!!
Eating right and exercise plays a Big role in keeping this disease under control.
Have a great day.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I was just diagnosed with ulceritive proctitis, a chronic autoimmune disorder that is irritable bowel disorder (not irritable bowel syndrome). I'll post about it in time but stress increases symptoms but does not cause it. I have to do a three week treatment (enemas!!!!) and then lie down all night. It's uncomfortable and you have bathroom issue, which I work outside the home so it can be embarrassing. Due to this, I also have to change how I am eating, counting not calories but fiber grams to help the bowel. I don't eat much meat, which is good because it has no fiber, but when we charted a couple of days menu, I was not getting enough fiber. Generally I was overly careful because I also have diverticulitis (when inflamed). So I would avoid some foods. He said to not worry about that but concentrate on the fiber so to manage it I keep an Excel spreadsheet. I work with Excel all day so it makes sense to me to keep my records there including a daily total, running total in addition to columns comparing the daily actuals to goal (12-15 grams/day) and a running % of goal. Once stabilized, hopefully in three weeks, I may add calories to that as well plus drop down categories to record how I feel on those days. If I create reports I might be able to see what foods affect me in certain ways. That's just how I would cope- plus being able to whine to my husband LOL. Maybe it would help you to chart your progress and symptoms to see if there are patterns.

Kristina said...

I hope you are successful at getting off the medication, and back to your healthy self. Hubby's sister was up for a kidney transplant twice, but both people donating were told "no" by doctors, including Hubby. She is on dialysis the rest of her life, and is told she is diabetes free now (after all these years). She regrets not eating right and not exercising.

My Repurposed Life said...

I know very little about diabetes. I hope I never have to learn all the ins and outs of it all.

I don't like exercise either. I have gone through spurts when I was totally addicted to it. It's all about habit and getting into a routine. I'm not there at this time in my life. As you know, I do stay pretty active (as I know you do) but I guess it's all about cardio. :(

hoping you can get off the meds, I know that is possible because I know people who are totally living a normal post diabetes life.

keep up the good fight my friend!