Monday, July 6, 2015

My Kitchen Counter is Covered in Bacteria!

*Just a note:  There are two posts today. If you’d like to go back and read the earlier it’s Wk 5 ICADS –Thanks!

On Friday I made Lacto-Fermented pickles with some of our home grown cucumbers I made two different flavors, I’m anxious to see how these turn out.
Experimenting with Foods
I kind of did my own thing with those… and made it up as I went along. The bag is an alternative to the coffee filter.  Trying this method out. It’s all experimentation when you’re first learning anyway, right?  Also, I placed OAK leaves in my pickles to hopefully give them a crunch!  Turns out Cucumbers need TANNINS to be crunchy.  Who knew?!
The cabbage and the carrots were store bought. I’d rather have home grown carrots; but none this year.(may pick up some at the Farmer’s Market)  Though I’ve made the carrots before and I used store bought carrots; and they were delish!  I’ll include links for these recipes at the bottom for all of them.
The cabbage has apple slices in them, along with some grated apples.  I am really hoping this turns out. I got the recipe from another source…but I used WHEY instead(which she said was fine).  Mine has a lid on top, under the hand towel. Its not an air lock lid. 
The last jar at the far end--  KOMBUCHA.  I have much success with that yummy drink.
Here is something to think about--
Bacteria won't eat it-
Now, obviously, you’re not going to eat that slimy, yucky watermelon—but the bacteria will! Unlike the burgers and fries—they won’t touch it!
All of these foods (that I’ve canned/fermented) are made when the GOOD BACTERIA eats away at the sugars, creating a preserved PRO-BIOTIC-FULL food that is healthy for you. It’s not over processed—so the vitamins from the vegetables are still there and the good bacteria works in harmony with the vitamins, to make your body strong, healthy, and immune! Starting in GUT!  I’ve just started with the vegetables in 2015. The first recipe I made was the Dilly Carrots. The Kefir is a new addition too. (I’ll share more on it later) I’ve been drinking Kombucha for almost a year and love the way it tastes and the way it effects my body. 
These are real foods I’m using to help combat the T-2 diabetes. It is working for me. I just had to share it with you!**

‘Til next time, eat healthy!
So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling;
~Philippians 2:12

**disclaimer: This is NOT medical advice.  I’m not a doctor, nurse or skilled medical professional.  I am just a homemaker with Type-2 diabetes.  I am looking for a way to be the healthiest me I can be.  If you think you have diabetes(or some other debilitating disease)… please see your doctor. I’m not responsible for your health—you are. 


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I heard grape leaves will make them crunchy too. I've been drinking the kefir but not my own making. A neighbor gave me kombucha but that was during the time I was driving back and forth to Arkansas for Mom. It died. I"ll have to try again some time. I've been not only drinking the kefir but also yogurt with the live bacteria. I want to hear more about yours.

Alex M said...

People don't take into account that Mother Nature puts enzymes into food so that it can break down -- it helps our bodies absorb the nutrients. A food that doesn't break down (unless it's something special like honey) isn't to be trusted!

Shug said...

Great share.......I sure admire your hard work.....

Kristina said...

I bought a small fermentation kit for this summer. As soon as my cabbage is ready, I'll be giving it a whirl. I'll be watching to see how these turn out for you.

NanaDiana said...

Good for you for being so pro-active with your health, Patricia! Love that you try so many different things, too. I have not canned or preserved food in years- my bad! Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

A Daughter of the King said...

Good job, Patricia. One suggestion: instead of referring to it as "my diabetes," say the symptoms of diabetes. The words we say and the terms we use also have an effect on our bodies. You don't have to claim diabetes as yours. Love to you.