Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stubble, Sketch Books and Scribbles

Do you journal privately AND blog?
Many years ago I wrote consistently in a journal and then Jesus FOUND ME. 'Cause I was lost. I did away with those journals.
BURNED THEM. Like stubble… they went up in flames!
Old words , old wounds, old me.
I began journaling with gratitude and thanksgiving and supplication ... But I don't do much of that anymore. I find myself reaching for the keyboard instead.
It’s my priorities that are askew!
I should be writing. I should be journaling. I want to journal. I ask myself who will read it? 
Right now, I have garden journals, household/decorating and project journals (kind of a scrap book of sorts); there is a  family Holiday Journal and I have a daily calendar…that is sort of like a journal. It is chock full of appointments, reminders, our budget is tucked inside with due dates and important notices. Another glimpse inside our lives.

After having 61 days of ICADs this summer and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve decided I wanted a sketch book! It’s nothing fancy, I bought it and some No.2/HB pencils and Pink erasers… less than $6. An inexpensive gift to ME!
Some of you commented on the ICADs.  Thank you so much for following along!  I loved drawing and sharing them with you… anyway, some of you commented about how these cards reflected my life and daily activities, I noticed this also…  so in a sense, they are journal material. In fact the book says right on the cover… it’s a sketch DIARY!
I may not show you my drawings; because after all it’s a diary, journal, or whatever you wish to call it. Though, I might surprise you and myself…
Here are my first sketches in my book…
 love field- dallas-liam 015
I still wonder who will read all the words I leave behind in books, Scribbles on scraps;  cards and letters, something else I’ve been doing this summer (another post all together) …and now my ICADs and this sketch book. 
I imagine my children reading through them, my grand-children pouring over their pages, reading of all my adventures… our adventures! Treasuring them for many years; then maybe,One day, some years down the road from now, they’ll be pulled from a dusty trunk and read and seen by someone besides family and they’ll still be a happy surprise and appreciated for what they are…
There I was waxing poetic…
When the realist inside me just POPS OUT!
If you’re interested in our progress on the camper…there is a new post up on
Lil’ Camper That Could, another journal of sorts about our camper make-over! If you’d like to follow along more closely, you can subscribe to that blog (as well as this one… on the side bar there are links!  You can get either of these blogs posts right in your email!
‘Til next time, be blessed!

But godliness with contentment is great gain.         ~1 Timothy 6:6


Ann Thompson said...

I've never been much for journaling. My blog has been an adventure in positive thinking and a way to keep me using my brain instead of looking at walls and vegetating. I do the art journaling but it's more about the art than writing anything for me
Have fun with your sketch diary. Your first two sketches are great.

Patty Sumner said...

Enjoyed stopping by today with you Pat. I have been missing for such a long time. I have had some time to visit and read up on posts. I think your art diary is a great idea. I used to draw quite regularly. It is so therapeutic. I am sure someone someday is going to hit the jackpot when they inherit all your journals and thoughts. It is amazing to think about what others will think of our "stuff". Keep on posting. I always enjoy your blog. Have a great day and Blessings!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I bought some sketch books and canvas when it was 50% off. I'm no good but I thought it would be fun anyway. Someday someone will find your journals and read them just like we did when we were cleaning out my grandmother's house. Mom has her old diary too, of course it's mild because her sister would charge the boys to read it!

Shug said...

LOL....I've found myself asking these same questions. Who will read all of my journals that I leave behind? Whoever reads them sure has a whole lot of reading to do. They will also..most likely have a lot of laughter as well. I hope that each grandchild will read and they will be able to see just how much I love them and how many of my thoughts were focused on them.