Wednesday, July 27, 2016

week 6- 2 weeks behind posting and 1 week left!

day 36  CRYSTAL
I experimented with this one a little. I used white crayon to create the crystal (spikey portion) and water colors to wash over it. After it dried I went around the crystal lightly with a pencil.  It’s sort of like decorating an easter egg with crayon then dying it.  I used my calligraphy pen to write Crystal… and it ran. At first I thought I should have waited to write that part… but I liked it in the end.

day 37 MEDITATION – I have seen lots of mandala s around in artwork lately and Adult coloring books…which I do not own… ha!  Really. These cards keep me busy enough artwork wise. I went with scripture and this take of a mandala.  It made my eyes cross!


day 38 FOLK ART – I had fun with this little template of my grand-daughter’s  all the parts on this card were drawn using some form of this template. (except for the frogs tongue)  Can you find them? 
Oh, and someone thought the tongue was grasping a fly…but it’s really my signature!

day 39 LENSE  - This card for me is a Do-over. A nod to last years cards and my sketch book that I bought after ICAD last year.  I bought the sketch book because I enjoyed expressing myself creatively in this way.  Well, I accidentally skipped the first page, I don’t know how but I did!  When so I left it blank about a week or so and then drew this as the cover page.  For the prompt LENSE- I DECIDED TO DRAW IT AGAIN.  I like having it as an index card!

day 40 SURFBOARD  - Surfboards are an expression of taste and interests right?  These were fun!

day 41 LONGITUDE/LATITUDE – We’ve had lots of experience with Childrens Hospital of Dallas – this day, I had a grand son there for dental surgery.  Its just another journal type card—I see how life, worries, and events come out in my artwork!

day 42 YELLOW -  all the yellow map pencils I could find and one gray crayola marker (and a straight edge)
I’m trying to get these rolled out here because next week is the last week of ICAD!
‘Til next time


Ann said...

As always I like them all. In the first one the word Crystal looks like it was supposed to run like that. It blends in well

Diane said...

Very nice! I like the yellow card a lot! Not too many left to go!