Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saying Hi and a Camper Update:



I hope you’re all doing well and have had a wonderful wrap-up to your Summer and are enjoying fine weather everywhere this Fall!

I’m deep into classes—Algebra and U.S. History, which is interesting at best especially since we have such a terrible campaign for the election going on in a couple of weeks.  …but this is not a political post.

Vote your Conscience. That is all.

I really just wanted to let  a lot of you know I’ve posted several updates and post on my camper blog- Lil Camper that Could


Many of you visited there when I posted regularly.  We’ve made lots of progress and we’ve actually camped over night two nights a couple of weeks ago on our property.

I can’t wait to hit the road!

Thanks for popping in here to see what the chatter was about!

‘Til next time,

Be blessed!




Ann said...

History was never my favorite subject but I find it more interesting now. Maybe because I'm getting to the age when I've lived through things that are now considered history....lol

Alex M said...

It took me THREE years to pass Algebra in High School, I wouldn't go anywhere near it ever again! Your little tin can sure does look good!

Carla said...

I really dreaded having to take a year of history in college. Until I got to class. The instructor did not teach it the way I was used to being taught. He brought in history from around the world at the same and boy did that make a difference. He included more social events (including clothing and how normal people really lived). It was a hard course but I passed with flying colors because of that instructor. A lot of people took a different instructor for the 2nd semester but I stayed since I learned so much and it was so much more interesting. He was a character through. in order to prep all us college newbies facing an essay exam, he gave us 5 questions to be prepared for but only 1 would be on the test. And those 5 questions covered everything. To help us out, he answered one of them. Most people assumed he would never give us that question on the real test so didn't study for it. I did, I figured he might do something like that and sure enough he did. I aced that exam and about 70% of the class failed. I sure hope you enjoy your history class.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting you brighten my day!
Have a great day
Bonnie from SC

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Just stopped in to say Hi! Miss your posts. I hope all is well.