Wednesday, January 26, 2011

slow and steady wins the race--living room progress

Last week I had decided I'd finally jump on the  
I came up with what I thought to be a pretty good idea. 

I've made no 'bones about it' -- y'all know how slow I operate, 
we'll in the mean time, Gail (my repurposed life) beat me to the punch!  
(not surprising, I know...LOL)

You can just imagine my surprise when I saw hers...isn't it lovely? 

Well, I didn't shown mine cause it was a FAIL.
But, today I decided what the heck... so here it is. 
I call it my take on Subway ART /  ransom NOTE!

Funny we chose almost the same color --and the subject matter isn't too far off either! 
I'm having to make a few adjustments...hopefully it will turn out better than this when I'm finished. In the mean time you can look at Gail's up there-- ah~ isn't it dreamy? 

In other news...
 Since painting the living room, I've been searching  for inspiration (as you all know!) 
I also took a few minutes to turn my drop cloth curtains upside down. 

They were last like this with the green side up. 

I've flipped them around for now -- the green just clashed with the gray walls. 
I like 'em better this way anyway. 

Seriously, I'm liking these that Rose made-- 
Aren't they the cutest? 
Don't know if I'll be doing this or not. That would require spending money on more drop cloths.
I don't want to spend any more money than I have to! 

One other little change I made was to these 
Outdoor Life Plaques. 
They are from the late '50's .

I made these years ago and the quality of decoupage isn't the greatest but I like these vintage magazine covers and so does Honey. 
Ah, CHEAP almost free ARTWORK!   
I just touched up the paint around the edges. They had been green.  Now they are black. 
I hung them in a different spot and arrangement. 

So, that is pretty much it for now. 
I've just been playing around with the furniture and things I've not got everything how I want it, yet. The walls are still bare except for these 3 plaques.  
 I thought I'd just show you a few things I've been doing -- just so you'd know I'm not procrastinating TOO TERRIBLY BAD. I just work slow... Plus, if I show you what I've been up to, then y'all will ask questions and make comments-- and it will help prod me along to get finished!  

See, I have ulterior motives! 

God Bless You and Thanks for reading! 


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I work slllooowwwww too! :) My kitchen? 3 months! still not finished!

thanks for the sweet comments about my sign. I really like the way yours is, loving the beadboard and the font! did you cut out letters?

great idea for the curtains. HD had them in a 2 pack for $10.00. That's a good deal, even cheapo gail bought a couple of packs here and there. Not sure if they still have them. But if so, you'd have lots more drop cloth material for projects in the future.
keep movin' that's my plan. even though it's sllooooowwwww

Coleen's Corner said...

Subway Art/Ransom Note - Love it! You've created a new style, I think it'll catch on! Progress may be slow, but it's faster than mine. I still have to contend with my kitchen, it's a decorator's nightmare. But I'm so wrapped up in this candle thing right now I don't even notice the obvious. You're waaaaaay ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

I work on the slow, too! It's so hard for me to make a decision on color and design. I've learned not to buy things just to fill space. I want to really like it. Plus, we are trying to be mindful of how and where we spend money.

Your Subway art on the black beadboard is very cute! I have yet to try Subway art but I really like the way it looks. Gail's piece is beautiful!

Great idea to flip the curtains. Don't you love drop cloth curtains?

Happy Thursday!
~Michelle :)

Wendy said...

I am trying to be better to not work slow or maybe I should say, I am trying to be better about finishing a project. I get bored with a project if it takes too long:)
you've been busy. I love how you flipped the curtains, great idea! And I love that you made God the focus of your subway art!! Great projects and ideas.

Kolein said...

Oh my. I LOVE Gail's sign. And yours, my dear, made me ROAR OUT LOUD. ransom note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work VERY fast. I'm just slow at getting started!!! Is that the same?

I LOVE the flipped curtains, Pat!!! Right up my alley! (what does that mean? I try not to speaking in colloquialisms....but EC has rubbed off on should see what happens around our boys when EC throws a zinger out there..."that'll put hair on your chest"..."well, let's start a fire under ya"...HILARIOUS!

So, the fishing theme is staying! I like the mag covers! Cool!

You are definitely my friend! LOVE your posts!

kim(nannykim) said...

I like the old magazine pics---old pics are always fascinating.

It is funny about hanging the curtains upside down! I have done that when I needed a bigger header for the rod!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Hi Pat! laughing my butt off over the subway art/ransom note reference. You are too funny!
Speaking of slow work, have you forgotten my still unfinished laundry room? That's been going on since October and I haven't done a thing to it since before Christmas.
I tend to have to re-do when I go too fast (like my kitchen curtains) so don't worry about taking your time.

Thanks for adding my curtains to your inspiration list. So glad you like them that much!
That was a great idea to turn yours the other way. As Gail said, the 2 pack home depot had for $10 was a great deal and I stocked up on them too. It's been great to have the dropcloths already washed and bleached and ready to use on a whim. I've also seen them online really cheap too.
My curtains fringes are made with the leftover pieces from my laundry bin liners. Nothing is wasted!
I'm glad you kept the outdoor life covers, I think they're really cool looking too.

Prior said...

Love your old decoupaged art...I have thought to do one of those signs with all of our former addresses...Japan's would be, Tomagami Chanton Cho, but I doubt I do,lol. I've not done much, lately.


Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Wow, I love ALL the projects you've been up to! The decoupaged covers really were the perfect inspiration tho... I have several vintage LL Bean catalog covers that I was planning on framing... I like your idea much better! Keep up the great progress - you're faster than me!