Monday, January 23, 2012

Strange Goings-On~

 This is George- or sometimes I refer to him as Mr. Burns.
Sunday I took these photos…I was checking up on George; making sure everything was alright…you see the post right behind him? That smear just above his back…it’s blood. Chickens- acting strange 002 See on Saturday… we had bought some shavings and took them down to the coop. Honey carried the big bag from the truck around front…and when he got to the coop- being all tuckered out; he just dropped it on the ground. That startled the chickens and from then they just kept their distance—NOT coming near at all!
George—just kept running into the chicken wire. Chickens- acting strange 004
   The other thing—I’m curious about - IMPRINTING and how big a part it plays in recognition for birds… and I don’t know ANY. THING. ABOUT CHICKENS OR BIRDS…this is all so new to me.
But, they hadn’t seen me in almost 3 days.
Thursday, I had a dental appointment and got my hair done. I  came down with the flu on Friday and wasn’t recovered until sometime on Saturday…So On Saturday, My once long hair …totally whacked off…and I also had my glasses on Saturday when I went out there. They didn’t want anything to do with me…PLUS THEY WERE SPOOKED, remember.
I got my work done and got out of there; but not before noticing that George was bleeding. There was no way he was going to let me hold him and doctor his wounds. Besides, what do you put on a Rooster’s bloody comb? Chickens- acting strange 008      Sunday—I went out just to check on things.  THEY HATE ME. Nothing had changed, they didn’t want to come near me at all. George stayed in the corner.
Chickens- acting strange 010    They gave me the stink eyeChickens- acting strange 009
I took some cabbage out to the them. I thought I’d tie it up and give them something to play with while the eat… NO. they are leery of it. Chickens- acting strange 007Unless I tore the cabbage from the head and tossed it out for them…they didn’t want anything to do with me or the cabbage! Chickens- acting strange 001 …And George, who I’m not even sure wants to be on first name basis anymore, stood in the corner… He is so friendly usually, for a Rooster. He is gentle when he eats from my hand, he isn’t greedy with the raisins. (I think he’d rather I call him Mr. Burns)
  • So what do think?
  • Do you think it has anything to do with IMPRINTING AND RECOGNITION?
  • Are they scared because my appearance changed?
  • Were they just spooked and on Sunday they still hadn’t forgotten about it? 
  • Maybe they don’t care for cabbage on a string?
  • Do you think this blog author has too much time on her hands?
  • Will things ever be normal in the Chicken coop again?
*edited to add-  click here for photos of me and my recent hair changes

Let me know what your thinking…perhaps you have some answers for me!

~God bless you and thanks for Reading!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I LOVE this post!! You make me want to rush out and get a flock of chickens all of my own!! We have thought about it before but have never taken the plunge!


Katie @ sweetgirlexpressions said...

i have two parrots that I hand fed from babies so I'm pretty used to's your appearance, they're confused. Just keep visiting with them & talk to them so they recognize your voice. Also try getting lower to the ground, so you're not towering over them & scaring them. This works for me when I spook my birds.....hats & haircuts are all they need to freak out :)

Anonymous said...

If your cabbage was hanging outside, they may have confused it as an avian predator (hawk, etc...); I know mine are easily spooked by such things. I agree with Katie, just speak calmly to them and spend some time around them and everyone should settle down.

When my rooster injured his comb, I brought him inside (totally unnecessary - I should have done this outside but it was our first chicken injury), cleaned it with a warm rag, and coated the injury with a bit of Neosporin -- you just want to make sure he isn't getting picked on and that his wound heals.

Unknown said...

Pat, I suggest you put a chair in the run... bring a glass of something to drink and some chicken treas' ! hang out on their turf for a while once a day for a week or so and they'll get used to you again!
I'm thinking about adding a couple of chairs to our run in the spring, so we can all be low to the ground together! Loved this!

nannykim said...

I think you need to post a picture of before and after of your hair dooooooooooo----It may give us an understanding of what is going on in that there roosters head! lol
But seriously, I would like to see a pic

The Boston Lady said...

I'm with nannykim, picture!!!! I remember once I got a perm many moons ago and my cats acted very strangely and spooked around me. So did my husband. lol. I am betting it was your changed appearance and absence, they just need to get used to the new you! Ann, who doesn't know anything about chickens. Hope Mr. Burns lets you call him George again.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I have NO idea. I no nothing about chickens. :)
enjoyed reading your post though. hahahah

Jocelyn said...

Chickens don't imprint like ducks or geese do, but they do get used to a person by the way they look. It's your haircut, definitely. Such a big change, and you look like someone else to them. Mine freak out when I wear my husband's sweatshirt. They see me coming and scatter. It's still me, but I am wearing his clothes (they don't know him very well), and they act very differently around me.

I agree with Deborah Jean. Grab a chair and some treats and feed them. Then just sit out there for a while. Don't move too much and let them get used to your presence. That'll do it, and I wager it'll only take a couple of days. Good luck!

PS-Neosporin will work on your roo.

Clint Baker said...

Thats funny! This is a cool blog!

Tilly's Nest said...

Oh Pat, I am trying not to laugh, but you have the greatest sense of humor.

I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. Here are my thoughts (only given per your request)
Remember how chicken recognize each other? By their COMBS. You had your COMB cut off :) Spend time out there with them. They will get over the spooking, there is some wonderful advice already posted. Try spoiling them with grapes or raisins and see if they will take them out of your hand.
Poor George. Once the bleeding scabs over they should not pick at it. Neosporin works well and also once scabbed if others are picking, try some Blu-Kote (it stains everything so be forewarned) SEND BIG HUGS YOUR WAY!~Melissa