Friday, February 22, 2013

:: My Skills Notebook::

You would think a woman my age would know all there is about home keeping ...but not so. I'm always looking at ways to improve. I like finding new ways to do things. Honestly, there is always room for improvement.  
So I while I used to have actual notebooks that I wrote in-- I've gotten in the habit of writing it all down here.  The more internet dependent we become...the more I think I should probably keep a real notebook again.  I'm of the opinion sustainable lifestyles will come to a screeching halt for some of us-- the avid Pinners, Bloggers, and Google -YOU-tubers...there may even come a time when the books we read ,to mine for information, will no longer be available as resources. 

 What are your thoughts on that? 

In the mean time, here are some  things I'd write down in a notebook if I were still keeping notebooks...

  • IN THE KITCHEN: cooking skills; recipes for bread, rolls, etc. 

I made rolls for the first time. EVER. 
I used the same recipe I got from Cottage Sweet Cottage here.
Before I set the dough to rise, I just rolled it into balls, dusted the sides with a little flour and  this time I used a trivet on the wood burning stove so the bottoms didn't start coooking!

Once that was done (about 30 minutes) I coated the tops with oil popped them in the oven on 350° and baked for 30 minutes! 

 TA-Dah!  Now... I will say, this is the last week of our NO-SPEND MONTH and I've made bread, tortillas (didn't photograph those)  and now-ROLLS!  I've made tortillas before-- but it's been years.  The Honey thought they were good-- but said, 'round' tortillas would look cool. 

I figure, you can buy round tortillas...not everybody has 'Name that State' shaped tortillas. ha! 

 I also let the Littles make butter out of heavy cream.  Not cost productive, unless you have a source for cream. But in a pinch-- you could have some butter. :) 

  • Horticultural skills: companion plants and how to garden in small areas 

In the garden, I was able to plant Broccoli, in this narrow bed. 

 Brussels Sprouts, Onions, were planted in the larger bed.
Two potato plants that The Honey had planted a while back were popped up and I'm guessing the others are going to pop up pretty soon! We'll see. 
(I actually forgot he and the kids planted those potatoes until I saw the two plants poking I hope I didn't disturb them.) 

  •  Knowing my plants: 

Making a note in my garden notebook of the things growing in my yard this the time of year. 

 Right now, I have daffodils and iris blooming. The daffodils started poking out of the ground in January; and were blooming the week of Valentine's Day. The iris' have been blooming since Janurary, they usually don't bloom that early. 

The picture below has me stumped. Maybe you can help me out. 
 Right in the front are daffodils just like the one's all over the yard. But the one in the back has a much thinner and more pointed blade with the tiny flower heads--they look just like daffodils. 
Doing some research- I get conflicting names, Daffodil, Narcissus, and Jonquil?  Are these names interchangeable?   There were here when we moved in--so I'm just not sure, and haven't ever taken an interest until now. 

  • Hand Made ARTISAN SKILLS: ON THE HOOK: my crochet skills

The last picture is the SAFTEY ORANGE FAUX HAWK...I made for my brother.  He and his family went on a ski-trip--their first time to ski. EVER. 
  I gave this to him last Saturday; and because I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to him
-- I made him pull over on the side of the road so I could get his picture with it! 
                                       He's giving the 'Thumbs Up" in this picture. 
They're back from their trip today...
Hind sight being what it is... I should have made him a helmet! 

I'm linking this here: 
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...and now I'm off to find the PERFECT NOTEBOOK and something to write with! 
Do you keep notebooks? 
Do you keep different books or just the one? 
Do you keep a notebook for any SPECIAL topics, besides, gardening cooking,, first aid, and 'how-to' ? 

Bless the LORD O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name. 
~ Psalm 103:1


16 comments: said...

I love the idea of notebooks and have started several but do not seem to carry through with the idea. I do have a notebook of recipes that I make on a frequent basis.

Robyn said...

Yep, In a notebooker too. Im always afraid everything I keep on my computer will be lost so I always make a paper copy. Guess I probably always will... The rolls came out fantastic and I can not tell you how nice it it to see flowers blooming! I can not WAIT for Spring this year! :)

I wonder if you could help me? If you have time, could you pop on over to my blog and give an opinion on my post about blog etiquette? I had a question and I'd love some answers from seasoned bloggers. Thanks so much :)

Cindy said...

I am keeping my 1,000 gifts notebook, but I keep forgetting to do it every day. I don't do well with that kind of thing. I write lists and throw them away, that's about it.
I am going to check out your roll recipe, I'm always looking for a new bread recipe, easy one, I should say.
Have a good weekend. Love and hugs, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Yep, I totally believe in notebooks and collecting tons of info and books. If the grid ever went down, we would need SO much information to just live life and I don't want to be caught without knowing what to do! Your rolls look so delicious, and your daffodils are gorgeous!

I'd love it if you shared this post and up to two others at Farm Girl Blog Fest #21, which is live right now. You would be a great addition to the wonderful posts that are shared!
Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest #21
Hope to see you there!
~Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

Angel said...

You know me, I have a notebook for just about everything! However, I haven't been good at adding new information in some of them. I need to re-think a few of them and get them going again.

Current notebooks:
budget & monthly bills
homeschool lesson plans (using a spiral right now!)
preteen camp notes and info (I am co-director)
puppet shows /scripts (2 of these)
puppet team notebook
sunday school notebook
daily spiral with notes and lists
recipe notebook with menus and pricing receipts(in transition as we speak!)

I have a few more notebooks at work too. ;)

Angel said...

AND I have 2 notebooks in my purse! :D

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I keep saying I'm going to read that book again... and this time do a notebook for it!
I think...I'm just going to start the notebook...why put it off any longer?!, right?

Thanks Cindy!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I used to be an avid notebooker... I had...scratch that...HAVE notebooks for all sorts of things. But I've let the digital world become a substitute.
I'm going to start some NEW notebooks...Lord, willing!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Pat, I love the hat! You are so creative! I am so jealous of your daffodils blooming already. We were 'down' to about 18" of snow yesterday, but now we're getting slammed again.
Enjoy your weekend!


The Boston Lady said...

In this virtual age keeping a written record is rare. Just think how we cherish such things when we come across them. Such as recipes written by my mothers hand and old book inscriptions. There may come a time we regret not doing these things today. Will my grandchildren ever know my handwriting? I will make an extra effort when that time is here. Thanks for the reminder. Ann

My Repurposed Life said...

no notebooks here... I've tried off and on over the years, but I could never stick to it. Mine have always been diary type entries.
great pics, rolls? yummy! daffodils? no idea
hat? cute--helmet? uh oh!
did you put some of that homemade butter on those rolls? what fun to make butter--did that each year in my pre-k class.

have a good (rest of the weekend)

Diane said...

Notebooks are very helpful. I usually note the flower seeds I plant so I know if I want to buy the same the next year. I know my MIL notes family dinners-- what food went over big and what did not. Not sure about daffodils or jonquils, etc either. I think jonquils are a tad shorter and a tad earlier, but I could be all wet about that. And "Name That State Tortillas" definitely have marketing potential if you ask me!

American Dreamer said...

Yum. Your rolls look scrumptious. I so enjoyed looking at your daffodils this time of year. They are beautiful. We won't see any until last spring.

Audrey said...

Oh my, those rolls made my hungry. Must thy to make some.
Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

RHome410 said...

I've always intended to try making tortillas, but keep not doing it. The kids really like having them around, and I don't buy them, thinking I could make healthier ones myself. You are motivating to actually get that done!

I used to try to make rolls by rolling the dough into balls, but have had more success by stretching the dough down over the sides (turning as I go to keep them round), then tucked underneath... Clear as mud? ;-) I actually shape almost all my yeast dough things that way now, even bread loaves. It makes nice, smooth tops.

I keep finding notebooks where I wrote things down, very hit and miss, through the years. I don't like to read things off the computer, so will always prefer actual books, but I do like to store/keep track of things on the computer...when I remember to make not or save them, and then, in case I remember to look! I'm actually considering getting a huge white board to keep track of things I want to do... so it's right in my face.

Blogs gave me so many good ideas, but I had a hard time keeping track of things I wanted to try, and Pinterest provided the answer. Like a file folder of things I want to remember. I don't tend to find ideas there nearly as much as just keep them in an organized electronic 'notebook' of sorts. But I don't spend hours searching it, like some do.

Amber D. Mcnabb said...

I used to have a garden notebook. This makes me want to start up another. Thank you for the reminder! I think, for myself, I need to keep some things old school. Nothing like the touch of pencil to paper. Nothing like the smell of a good book. ~Amber